From Feudalism to Capitalism

Photo essay: The Maharajas’ Jaipur

by Keyvan Tabari
abstract: Tourists are beckoned by the colors of Rajasthan. Splashed over gelatin or equivalents, these colors draw the magic of their aesthetics from contrasts. The women of Rajasthan defy the drab monotone of a semi arid environment by riots of red, green, blue, and orange in their garments. Colorful spices and dried fruit in the markets are the answer to the dearth of fresh, tasty produce and fruit. The wildly extravagant Maharajahs painted their whole capital city of Jaipur lipstick pink to impress their foreign guests. The colorful trash generated by their impoverished former subjects mock this folly. Just the same, the fabled palaces and glamorous life style of the ruling Rajputs resulted from a history of an equal measure of daring by a proud warrior clan and its obedience to the more powerful. The contemporary life in Jaipur plays against that background. This is a glimpse into all that drama >>> more

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Thank you for the lovely report.

by Rosie. on

I have sometimes thought about going to India. Now you have whetted my appetite.


A place to be seen...

by Sinibaldi on

Ina promise




likea delicate

leafin the

darkof a forest,

andthere, in

youreyes, I


skiesand a tender



Francesco Sinibaldi


Very nice pictures!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred