Fateful night

Photo essay: Tehran the night before the election

by Moghimi, Meghdadi, Jafari, Sajjadi

AP: Iran's raucous election campaign fell silent a day before the vote as rallies were barred Thursday to give the public time to reflect on whether they want to keep hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power or replace him with a reformist more open to closer ties with the West. The campaign reached a crescendo in the past few days with dueling rallies by supporters of Ahmadinejad and his main challenger, Mir Hossein Mousavi, that drew tens of thousands into the streets of Tehran. Fervent, youthful supporters of Mousavi accused the president of undermining Iran's international standing with his confrontational style and of devastating the economy. The stakes are extremely high for Iran — the new leader must decide how to respond to President Barack Obama's offer for dialogue after a nearly 30-year diplomatic chill. The Obama administration is cautiously watching the vote for signs the Islamic Republic may be willing to engage, but U.S. officials have meager expectations for change. Tehran residents went about removing posters and banners from buildings and cars as campaigning officially ended early Thursday. State media and the candidate's Web sites encouraged people to vote on Friday>>>

Photographs by Javad Moghimi (FARS), Meghdad Madadi (FARS), Mehdi Jafari (IRNA), Mohsen Sajjadi (IRNA)



How to help Iranians: support NIAC

by Mehdi on

I think the West  should immediately remove sanctions against Iran! That is the best way the Iranian people will be helped. That would give great support to those who want change in Iran. It will make their case very valid. Once the perceived threat of war is gone, the regime will have no leg to stand on for its persecutions and oppressions.

The West should also immediately ask for talks for the purpose of resolving animosity between Iran and and the West. These two actions will be a very effective blow to stupidity and ignorance and will remove the sources of oppression from the positions of power. 

NIAC war right, working on normalizing Iran-US relationship is the most effective way to help people in Iran. The excuse of "external threat against Islam or Iran" has been the strongest leg that the opressors have been standing on since the beginning. It is time this leg was taken from under them! 

All the 30 years of rhetorics by the West only made oppressors and ignorant superstitious rulers stronger. As soon as the US openly stated that they are no longer attempting to overthrow the IRI, Iranians dared to ask questions from their own government! This is the way out! 


Hi, Can you guys please help

by Anonymousiranian (not verified) on

Can you guys please help spread the news. WE are trying to shutdown iranian gov websites from abroad by having them refresh ever 1 sec. We have been successful and have been able to bring down: iribnews.ir, rajanews.com and a few others... ebrat.ir has mentioned that we are trying to crash their websites :]

ALL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE INVITED...help Iranians to earn back their votes
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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Khatami is arrested too

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Latest news from hell ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Unfortunately, the other two candidates (Karoobi and Mousavi) are now in Evin. The "unknown soldiers of emam zaman" are working on them, for a TV confession!


After looking at Mousavi

by Dariush (not verified) on

After looking at Mousavi supporters, I wondered, just how many of them have foreign countries citizenship and residency? Another word, had denounced their Iranian citizenship for self interest. What % of them are human rights activists and freedom fighters, What % are law breakers, trouble makers and what % criminals. But I think all 100% are being used.

However, looking at Ahmadinejad supporters didn't trigger such questions in my mind. They seem to be from honest and hard working families.


Darius, thanks for reminding me...

by Ostaad on

what wonderful things people can say after a couple of "senatori basts" on their french-made "hogheh". I agree with whatever Mr. Bakhtiar said, and I wish I had the honor to be his "ham-manghal" and have cup of his "chai manghal-pahloo" sweetened by his special "nabaat".

Anyway, roohash shaad.


Highjacked Election

by Farsheed on

Well, so much for democracy in Iran.  The election has clearly been highjacked and the temporary sweet taste of freedom will soon be replaced with the bitterness of opression.  Now what?


Big Boy

Violence on the street

by Big Boy on

Mousavi's flicker page.



Darius Kadivar

Et Oui ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Et Oui ...

Ba Ham


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Four More Years of Mahmoud ...




Man, those streets were dirty

by Falcon (not verified) on

I'm nine years old. My mom is Iranian and I like to write. After the pics, I thought "Man, were those streets dirty." Pretty crazy that there was that much trash on the ground, I thought Iran was a clean country. I think that all the candidates are stuipid dumb no good jerks. although that guy whose color is green has good taste because my favorite color is green.



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I think I have become blacklisted by the editor of this website. For the last three weeks, whatever I try to post does not get in! Also, sometimes, it simply gets rejected (although it is just a simply normal comment). I know we are Iranians and should always censor (it's in our blood, I suppose). But please take my name off your blacklist and allow me to post my comments. Thank you.


Smiling Faces

by GuessWho... (not verified) on

These images make me feel normal for a change. Long live Ahmadinejad!


simply awesome

by Anonymousone (not verified) on

You have so much to be proud of... these young people are the future. Not just of Iran but of the WORLD! god bless them all!


I love you, your comment

by zendeyad (not verified) on

I love you, your comment made me cry


Any excuse to party!

by SmartAss (not verified) on

It is great to see that people are so alive and use any excuse to party! It is also great to see that we have reached a point where a lot of change is inevitable, no matter who becomes the next pres. I think people are ready for some change - I am not sure how much. I hope they maintain peace and don't get serious. People of all factions need to learn to live with each other and not get too serious about small issues. There is always a way to resolve disagreements peacefully. Revolution is wrong - evolution is the way to go. Long live Iran!


Iran Harguez Nakhahad Mord

by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

I haven't seen so much life in Iran, with the amount of activities during this election, seems like arteries of this nation is on high dose Aspirin, very thin fluid.



by Tom Cat (not verified) on

kick them all out ....

Start over from scratch....

if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is re-elected then that proves the elections were a farce


Tehran is becoming a city again

by From NYC (not verified) on

An observation:

During the 1970s oil cycle an overwhelming number of people from rural areas moved to Tehran, and for many years Tehran – as a whole - has been behaving with an outdated rural mentality making it the largest village in the world.

However it seems that people of Tehran are finally starting to behave like other urbanites of the world again and this may be a sign of a turn from walking backwards to putting a step forward.


They are gorgeous

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its really fascinating, a bunch of wusses here, have not experienced the force of the people who brought down the coward idiot. Those beauties are doing it again and no matter what, a better society will come out of their struggle. Just as now you should be proud to be Iranian, the nation who taught the world human rights. If you never had sex with a tiger, you should get yourself an Iranian girl friend or better yet go to Iran and find yourself a gorgeous girl friend. In a twisted way, IRI has made the girls more liberal, go figure.



by water' (not verified) on

I just VOTED for my part as I believe that if I love Iran and if I really wish progress and better tomorrow for Iran, I can only do it through MY VOTE.

I am young and this is the first time that I give my votes to the Iranian presidential elections. I feel happy about it and I'm optimistic bc I am a part of this big change that is going on.

I only wonder how some Iranians can sit behind their computers and give so many negative vibes to other Iranians while at the same time saying that they care. Do you really care? Unfortunately I guess some people become stuck in their minds and become conservative the OLDER they get. (of course not all of them.... those in Iran are vibrant and alive... they also seek the wind of change).

So, go and take out your dog to the park and enjoy the sun, instead of sitting behind the computer and searching for some MEDIEVAL documents to convice us YOUNG PEOPLE.

"Fardaye Iran maloom nist, VALI daste KHODE maast"!!!!!!

Wake up...


I agree with Big Boy

by water' (not verified) on

Hey Big Boy, I agree with your comment. Some people are simply stuck in their mind and do not want to change their ideas or approaches bc they think it's still the best way/strategy.
Well they might have been good for Iran, no question but Iran and Iranian have change so dramatically and we need to live in the present time.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Change has come to Iran!

DK, do you have anything from the 21st century?  The history pieces are nice, but please join us in 2009. 


Darius Kadivar

FYI/Shapour Bakhtiar on FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS (1989)

by Darius Kadivar on

Bakhtiar on a Future Constitution to be drafted after Regime Change and the conditions for a Free and Fair Elections on the future democratic state of choice :


He also mentions Rafsanjani, and what the Role of the West should be in relation to the regime.

5 august 1989, Hamburg

"Iran Harguez Nakhahad Mord" - Shahpour Bakhtiar

My Opinion Too,




by Freedom for all (not verified) on

Win or lose there will be blood. A new E-revolution.