Fading figures


by Nikoo Haji Tarkhani

My women have no criteria of womanhood. They’re bald and although they’re naked the feminine organs do not exist; or are hidden. These figures are fading and tearing apart. The look of sorrow and passivity in their faces implies an acceptance of their fate.

There has always been a loud cry in my heart for expressing myself; for talking out loudly about my desires, my passions, and my worries. So the subjects of my works are usually women who have the most resemblance to me.  They don’t belong to any time or any place and still they’re so familiar>>> nikookhani.com



that is...

by bu mubark (not verified) on

those pictures are brutally true.


Metamorphosis of a self portrait transformed by grief

by ramintork on

These images are self portraits.

They show a metamorphosis of a of a beautiful young woman; a woman that has been transformed by grief.

There is a phase when a loss takes away a part of one's being.

We spend our days with our mind traped in our bodies busy with the everyday trivialities and one day when there is a loss we become aware of our link to others and as you have painted your portraits there is a fading away a part of us which feels like the loss of limbs, being, and identity.

The figures are against a background of tiles, they resemble both the sanitised blank space of a hospital, a mortuary or perhaps a moment of contemplation under a shower i.e. a moment for many where we stand alone and reflect on our sorrows and in our private moment somehow try to wash away our pain.

The portraits have become dehumanised, again there is a sense of guilt that follows grief it is as though we feel guilty we did not do enough, or did not spend the time we had wisely and through this guilt or pain the artist has dehumanised the image. This is like  a lamenting where you have pulled your hair in a state of your self imposed harm yet you think this is not enough and therefore the figures are cold in a state of apathy. 

As an artist you have been successful in conveying these emotions and transfered their meloncholy.

As an artist and someone who has been through the same emotions I can only say:-

What doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger but it does make you who you are; sometimes you are left with a scar on the dark corner of your soul. Wear this scar with pride; it is the graffiti of life scraped on your canvas to make you different; it is the freggio by which the human tribe says I own you.


Nazy Kaviani

Unusual and gripping

by Nazy Kaviani on

What is art if it doesn't make you think, wonder, and reflect? Ms. Tarkhani's paintings are gripping and provocative of thought and reflection. This is a serious artist's work, worthy of attention. I also found one of her "Metamorphosis" paintings on her website particularly touching. Best of luck to her in her future work.

Jahanshah Javid

Original, powerful

by Jahanshah Javid on

I was searching google images for a Quiz idea and found these paintings by chance. I was really impressed. I've never seen anything like them. Very powerful.


Dear one, Death is not limited to hues of color blue

by Morning Joe (not verified) on

Your paintings have a cold feeling about them. They are clinical. At the same time, I see a new awakening in you and you are celebrating it by creating these painting.