Energizing as ever

Photo essay: Southern California

by Mohamad Navab
This year's Sizdah Bedar event in Irvine, southern California, was again as energizing as ever during the past three decades. Reza Goharzad was saying the most interesting part of it is the union of the youth with family, Nowrouz tradition and Iranian culture. Also it is a great chance for Did o Baazdid e Nowrouzi.

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by Abarmard on

Nothing is wrong with having any style that you like, specially when you are young. The pressure of youth is plenty and one at times must fit. When they are over forty, then they can think like you. Until then, Styles are suppose to be hip and these guys look like they are with it.


I didn't say every Iranian

by Anonymous88 (not verified) on

I didn't say every Iranian male acts like Eurotrash, I said there's a stereotype that many of them are that way, and these kids are confirming it.

It's like saying that not all Gypsies steal, but the Gypsies that do steal confirm the stereotype and make people fear gypsies.

Plus, anybody that has been in American nightclub with Iranians around has to admit that the Eurotrash look is very popular with Iranians.



by Majid on

Growing up in Tehran, once I saw a man from "Neishaaboor", wearing a thick mustach, many years later in Khoraasaan I saw another man from "Neishaaboor" having a thick mustach and I concluded this: (Every man from Neishaboor wears a thick mustach)!!

Right? THIS is your logic ? EVERY Iranian MALE ?

Or the ones YOU've been exposed to? makes one wonder!


not limited to Iranian youth!

by Tonya (not verified) on

Believe me!  As mother to a 22 year old southern boy and step mom to a 19 year old Iranian boy, I've seen it all.  Their dress IS atrocious but this is not specific to young Iranian men... it's everywhere!  First it was the Western influence which of course is the cause of all what's wrong in the world... now it's Eurotrash.  These kids are just that...KIDS.  And so what if they look tacky.  I was at Mason Park and there could not have been a more impressive and HUGE group of youth representing their culture AND themselves.  A big shout-out to every single one of them.  They were polite and considerate.  Nope... don't go there.  Neither clothes...nor hair make the man. Actions do.


The stereotype of Iranian

by Anonymous 8888 (not verified) on

The stereotype of Iranian males in America is that of being materialistic, arrogant, and effeminate. Plus, they dress like Eurotrash, which looks ridiculous.

Insult me if you want, but these pictures confirm that stereotype.

That is all.


Iranians and Norooz

by mahnaz (not verified) on

Can we use "Iranian" instead of "Persian" ? people are using the word "Persian" instead of "Iranian" more often these days
due to the negative worlwide perception of the current regime in Iran.
Iran is a melting pot of Arabs, Baluchs, Turks,Kurds,Lors,Armenians, Assyrians, Jews, Persians,etc.(Considering most of us are mixture of many).
So, we are Iranian British, Iranian American, Iranian Canadian & so on.
The beauty of Norooz is that it is celebration of new life, and it is Iranian.
Noroozetan Pirouz.....Eid Mobarak.
And we are not losers!



by urstruly (not verified) on

Please dont call us loser, just making observations.

Yes, you are right how nice of someone to post pictures of 13bedar for the rest of us.


Wow, some of you are really uptight

by farokh2000 on

Just enjoy the pictures and stop politicizing everything. Someone was nice enough to take all these pictures and post them for people who did not get a chance to do 13 Bedar where they are.

Instead of thanking them, some of you are criticizing the people in the pictures or the motivation behind their dress code or cars or flags, etc.

What a bunch of loosers.

Thanks for the pictures and happy Norooz and 13 bedar to all who are real and ture Iranians.


the youngsters in the first photo are all chavs

by mazfaz on

all of them look like rappers :D:D



Derafsh kaviani is the nail in the coffin,,and mullahs Know it.

by Sarbazeh Mihan (not verified) on

Our salvation is in the embracing of the most powerful symbol of our culture, and that is Derafsh-e Kaviani.If we Stand behind this flag we shall have our land back. Ahoura Mazda will protects Iran


Long live Derafshe Kaviani!

by Kamangir on

Long live Derafshe Kaviani and the true Iranians that are still very loyal to our 'true' Persian and Iranian culture and not the arabic "crap" imposed on us by the savages.


13 bedar in Orange county

by Issapour (not verified) on

Gar behesht rouye zamin ast, haminasto haminasto hamin!



by haha (not verified) on

Those gamboo police officers were obviously there in hopes of getting some grub :)



by urstruly (not verified) on

UNFORTUNATELY, showing off and being impressed by another country for the wrong reasons runs in all nationalities. Specially people from third world countries, I know I live in one (not Iran).

It's something like being nouveau riche.

Nothing you can do about it, there are people of all calibers in every part of world.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What bothers you about it so much?

All I see is a picture of guys with questionable taste in fashion and way too much hair gel, but who are they harming?


Iran is Derafsh-e Kaviani..... Drood bar Manochehreh Farhangi

by IRAN PARAST (not verified) on

We raise this flag of defiance to show respect for and solidarity with the American people.

We salute those who died on 9/11 and want to warn Americans of the evil which lives among us.

As the flag flew over the United Nations where Cyrus' charter - the first human rights charter in the world - rests, and on over Ground Zero and ultimately Lady Liberty, onlookers were reminded of the Star Spangled Banner:

"What so proudly we hailed...." and "Gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there...."

And yes, so is ours - the flag known as the Derafshe Kavian.

We now call on Iranians to renew their pride in their ancient culture and to rise once more, as their ancestors rose against legendary demons and conquerors, to establish an Iranian nation that is truly free.


Nice to see "Derafsh Kaviani" becoming airborn again!

by Faravahar on

Derafshe Kaviani dates back more than 5,000 years and is a symbol of Iran's rich culture and of resistance to oppression. In an effort to inspire Iranians around the world to rise up against Iran's repressive Islamic regime and for the second since October, 15, 2007 in New York, the country's ancient Banner of Kings “Derafshe Kaviani” was flown over the over Southern California parks during Iranian Sizdeh-bedar celebration on March 30, 2008. Derafsh Kaviani was flown not only in celebration of the Iranian New Year, but in memory of Manochehr Farhangi, peaceful scholar and soldier of true Iranian culture who was assassinated in Madrid, Spain by enemies of Iran. Dorood to those Iranians who sponsor the rise of Iranian ancient flag. 


Sezdah Bedar in Irvine... what a blast!

by Tonya (not verified) on

Wow... really enjoyed the pictures! We haven't downloaded ours yet but I hope we can post some to iranian.com. There were some great ones! I was so proud of my Persian family! What an honor to be part of such a wonderful tradition! I can't wait to see more.



by Majid on

There were more than a dozen photographers taking pictures, We were in some shots they were focusing on and I don't think this particular photographer was looking for my IC. sign...lol

I indeed had a big flag hanging from a tree and also we had the flag's colors napkins, paper plates, silverware....all green,white and red. AND........my I.C. sign on a paper plate pinned to the tree right next to us. We were not a large group of people, just me, my wife, my 2 sons and my future doughter-in-law. 



by IRANdokht on

what I love about the So Cal young Iranians is that they even speak farsi with one another, they know the words to the pop songs and are not afraid to sing along, they show up for these gatherings and stay the longest.

anonymous ha-ha: there is nothing wrong with the last picture. But I do agree with you on one thing: with such attitude you should definitely stay away from other Iranians.

Majid: I didn't see your I.C. sign in any of the pictures...




Optimists and pessimists

by Majid on

One invents airplane, one invents parachute! there are "Khosh been" and "Bad been" everywhere my friend!

What can I say?


WE were there, what a great day!

by Majid on

As you mentioned the best part of the event is/was, as always it brings youth with families together.

Was an awesom day, my hats off to the people who organize it every year, Also the entire length of Culver Blvd. about 5 miles, every light post was decorated with Norooz messages, which makes me proud, and thanks for the pics. 


A collection of everything that is wrong with Iranian-Americans.

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

From the wrong flag to showing off cars that they might barely afford to lease to showing little respect to the roots they came from. Just look at the last pic and you understand what I meant.

Another reason to stay away from Iranian students assoc in your university and Iranian gatherings near your place.