Endless energy


by Vanecha Ebrahimi Roudbaraki
Vanecha EBRAHIMI ROUDBARAKI was born in Rasht, Iran on November, 18th 1966. Given her environment and her life in the wild she was seeking, while pursuing her primary and secondary studies, for "something" that would answer the great question she kept asking herself since her childhood: The relationship among Man and Nature and his existence in its very relationship with nature. She ended finding the synthesis of her intimate questions in the art of painting. Vanecha, in words means: The transplanting of a young plantation. These words, at the same time simple and beautiful, used by the rice growers of the north of Iran in a way to speak of the rice transplanting, constitute another source of inspiration for Vanecha ROUDBARAKI as a concern to her subjective philosophy in her relationship to nature as well about her tangible and tactile objectivity in her permanent encounter with men of her environment, that is to say all those who, by transplanting the bead in the matrix of nature with endless energy, give a meaning to the continuation of life >>> vanecharoudbaraki.com