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Photo essay: Mumbai Showcases India for the World

by Keyvan Tabari
The taxi ride to my hotel gave me my first look at the dense crowds that Mumbai is famous for. The sky was very dark. The city feared a storm so ferocious that, according to my driver, offices were ordered closed for the next day. A little note on my pillow in the hotel had this from Shakespeare: “A little sleep, per chance a dream.” The view from my window the next morning was like a dream. Several stories below me was the famous Gateway to India ... more

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Gandhi: cleansiness is closeness to god. he copied from Koran?

by obama on

I saw that quote below one of the gandhi's photos, parapharasing here, but found it rather interesting that we value those words when is not from islam!

I can see why islam said: AL NEZAFATOL MEN AL IMAN! You see religion came to teach people civilization and much more. May be we don't need it as much since we know more, but most people still need it. Merci Keyavn khan for the photos!


picture 13

by Mi on

In picture 13, Is that a freakin snake in her hand???!!!