Easy Going

Photo essay: En le Calle, Mexico

by Anahita Nicoukar Avalos

Esfand Aashena

Well at least they're not covered in black veil in summer time!

by Esfand Aashena on

And you don't find anyone dancing in any Iranian street corner!  For us it's poverty plus! 

Everything is sacred


Some of these photos look like vintage paintings

by Monda on

some of my favorites are: 1, 11, 12 .... Thanks for sharing you wonderful images.




by Latina on

Happy New Year=Feliz Año Nuevo



How interesting...but they do not say in which city the photos were taken. However, some of the comments say that they are of the capital and of Oaxaca.

Que interesante...pero no dicen en que ciudad se tomaron las fotos. Sin embargo algunos que comentaron dicen que son de la capital o de Oaxaca.


Mash Ghasem

Sirus khan, tis one for you, hope

by Mash Ghasem on


the picture shows up as I see it. It's from Tina Modetti, thank you for your comments.

Amiga Latina, yo no se Espanol, although I took Spanish in highschool and should speak it ... so, please translate if you will, y Ano Noevo. How do you say happy new year in Spanish?


Well, in reality, I don't

by Sirius on

Well, in reality, I don't see it as a contest "which country is better"...

I see both countries as traditionally progressive, both struggling  to attain true development, and both even having some success in that regard. Specially lately, Iran.

They both, also, have currently a very perilous immediate future ahead.

I will be glad to see a more deep friendship of Iranians and Mexicans, both country to country and both as communities inside the USA, specially in Los Angeles (which is where they more directly interact nowadays).

I repeat that I don't see bad faith in the images in this album (save that the author says otherwise).

In any case, I think that one should always look for coincidences and friendship with other peoples, if that is possible.




by yolanda on

Here are the statistics:

Population- Iran: 70 million; Mexico: 112 million

GDP per capita: Iran ranks #72; Mexico ranks #68 in the world

GDP: Iran ranks #29 while Mexico ranks #14 in the world

Oil reserves: Iran ranks #4 while Mexico ranks (tied) #14 in the world.

FIFA ranking: Iran ranks #43; Mexico ranks #27


There are many beautiful places in Mexico......but drug violence is hurting the tourism....drug lords are taking over the country! I have heard a lot of cruel stuff: beheading, execution style murders, dissolving corpses in acid.....

Here is one of the most beautiful crystal caves in the world located in Chihuahua, Mexico:









by Latina on

Que interesante...pero no dicen en que ciudad se tomaron las fotos. Sin embargo algunos que comentaron dicen que son de la capital o de Oaxaca.

Anahid Hojjati

Even if the pictures only show the poor

by Anahid Hojjati on

the comments on this thread have been great and we can learn from them. So one need not worry too much. At least with this blog, there is now a discussion about Mexico and how different parts of it are different and the fact that not all people in Mexico are poor.


Sirius: couldn't agree more.

by vildemose on

Sirius: couldn't agree more. Why don't you put up some pcitures of beautiful museums, galleries, and so on from different parts of Mexico and Mexico City?

On flicker I foun these:




Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Do not get this photographer or any of her or him like so seriously ...... They are just practicing some shuts and to become accepted into the world of photography you have to have some unfortunate people show up in your collection .... 

On the other hand ....... one should not deny the fact that these faces and places exists ......  the problem with developing countries is that only their undeveloped faces are on the radar while the developed countries have their developed faces showing up on the radar .......

We all know each country has its both poor and rich faces ....... the thing with countries like Iran and Mexico  is that the only faces you see is either poor or rich and unfortunately the face of the middle class is almost wiped out ........

Having said that I am going to admire Anahita's work ....... she did a great job ....... 



@Mash_Ghasem...People in

by Sirius on


People in Mexico are poor...

I agree... and however, on average they are still richer than the people of Iran...


If "human misery" could be presented in an Artistic way... why to choose Mexico?

When I was participating in German forums such as this...


... among a mob of conservative Germans that were rude and racists against Iranians, and that wanted Tehrean to be converted in dust as soon as possible, I sided with the Iranians there, and even I recommended the people there to come to see "Iranian.com" to appreciate that the "Iranians are sophisticated, cultural and highly intelligent people..."

It is not what this site, among other things, wants to show? 

To present Iranians (or at least the Iranian exiles) as sophisticated and cultured?

I am not against an album that present Mexicans like this, if it comes with an explanation of why Oaxaca is like that, and accompanied photos with an explanation of the political repression going there... etcetera.

Instead, Iranians (and others) worldwide that view this site, are presented with photos of misery and prostitution, under the label "MEXICO" and without any text or further explanation.

And look, that I am not assuming bad faith in this... although now that I think about it, it will be perfectly understandable if I assume that.

Then, I come here, and I have at least to speak that this is not "all Mexico". Just that.

Best Regards.

Mash Ghasem

Sirus khan, Joh Ross ( american journalist ) is always a great

by Mash Ghasem on

introduction to Mexico, check him out. For some "classical" photos of Mejico see Tina Modetti and Edward Weston. People in Mexico are poor, some immigrate to the US, some stay and fight, some...


Just one thing about what

by Sirius on

Just one thing about what @Mash_Ghasem commented:  Of course Calderón is not Leftist... it is an example of those rural right-wingers. And  before he goes - hopefully next year -  he will invite the US Army to invade Mexico. You will see it.

(Although I don't think the Americans will heed to his plead.)

When I speak about "Mexico City Goverment" I mean exactly that: To the Mayor and the Administration of Mexico City proper, not a suposed "Federal Goverment".

(In fact, the Mexico City goverment hasn't "de jure" recognized the Calderon goverment, that I know).

Mexican politics are complex and unfortunatelly is impossible to do an introduction here.


Note please, that I am keeping cool and I try to see the "artistic  part" of an album of photos that include ragtag street prostitutes.

(Some people would say, that we see what we want to see)

I will just politely point at the fact, that there is another Mexico... and I think that is fair to point that out, because the photographic albums that appear regularly here in Iranian.com about Mexico, trend to be just like this one, and never shows the other part (that I know).

Of all the people of the Earth, I think Iranians should be more concious of what is to be portrayed in a one-sided way.


Joe L.

Looks poor

by Joe L. on

looks poor to me and the pictures speak of a great economic divide!

people dont look happy. are those kids in uniform soldiers?

Mash Ghasem

Easy Going

by Mash Ghasem on

An American ( for sake of Canadian-American diplomacy we won't call him a Gringo  here) goes to Mexico and meets a local Fisherman, asking him how he lives?

Fisherman says, I get up in the morning go catch some fish, sell some of it, take the rest home, have lunch, have siesta, play some guitar with friends in afternoon,...

American says, why don't you catch more fish? Fisherman asks why? American says, so you'll make more money, get a  bigger operation and go to Mexico City. Fisherman asks: then what? American says, then you get bigger and go to LA. Fisherrman asks, and then what? Gringo says, then you get bigger and go to New York? Mexican asks: and then what? Then you sell the company in NY Stock Market and make a lot of money?

Mexican asks: and then what?

American says: then you'll retire, you just get up in the morning, go catch some fish, eat your lunch and have siesta, and play guitar with friends in the afternoon.

Mash Ghasem

Great collection, thank you ANA, mucho gracias

by Mash Ghasem on

Not sure why but many of the photos kept reminding me of Modetti, and a little bit of Weston, in color. Needless to say black and white is always superior!

As far as Mejico proper is concerned:

Mexico City in here is called; Dee Efee: as in Districo Federal, the largest metropolitan, mega-polis on this Earth, and until recently the most polluted one, until Tehran took the first position, I'm not making this up, check it for yourself.

Calling Calderon's government a leftist one, is like calling Enchilada a Nordic cuisine, way out of the ballpark, not even remotley close.

Per Mexican civilization, in this century so far it has produced; Zapatistas en Chiapas,  Atenco en DF,  APPO en Oaxaca, ( pronounced Wa Ha Ka),..


the best is yet to come...




One thing that people

by Sirius on

One thing that people usually don't know, is that more than 1 million Americans came to Mexico to live, because they find some adventages here...


They go to the "civilized places"... that is, where there are still functioning Mexican gouvermental structures... that is, in the center of the country, mainly... while the border as turned into a no-man-land...

They do not go to live to the most "pro-American" part of  Mexico...

The funny thing, is that if Mexico City tries to bring Civilization to the North, they will claim that "The savage communists of Mexico City want to overrun and corrupt the US-friendly, NAFA-oriented, self-reliant interprenurial North", and probably there be REAL war.

I wonder if the Mexican Civilization of the Center could survive eternaly among so much Evil and Stupidity.  

But while we live and exist, there is hope.




I will not deny the

by Sirius on

I will not deny the artistic value of some of the photos...

Even we Mexicans - I mean Mexicans that are photography artists - trend to depict the reality of (in this case) urban poverty landscapes in Mexico.

So much, that actually that have became the stereotype of our country in the USA and elsewhere... and paradoxically, don't seem to move anyone to do anythig about it... 

 (In the hypotetical case that something could be done about it, for which it will be necessary a strong political awareness and nationalism, that is not present in all the Mexican territory). 

 When those elements are present, the Mexican landscape changes dramatically... 


... and the same way that Iran is bombarded in the dreams of the US right wing....  so Mexico City, citizens and its leftist Goverment are bombed and murdered in the dreams of the rural Mexican right ... and probably in some minds in Washington too.