Dinner with the captain

Photo essay: Fans meet their icon Parviz Ghelichkhani

by Nader
Last night the legendary Iranian football icon, former national team captain Mr. Parviz Ghelichkhani was the honored guest of Pars Soccer Club of Northern California. It was a get-together to remember and to celebrate the occasion at a chelokababi in Sunnyvale. Ghelichkhani talked about soccer, politics and his current passion, Arash magazine based in Paris. It was a pleasure to be in his company and certainly an honor listening to his sensible and intelligent words. Wish you were here. To visit his site please go to: ARASHMAG.COM Also watch his famous goal against Israel. -- Nader Jahanfard

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Jun 05, 2009
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Still the greatest soccer

by jamshid on

Still the greatest soccer player of Iran...


JJ, bashar jayez olkhatast!

by kofri (not verified) on

JJ, bashar jayez olkhatast! Here you go again!


in chelokabab keh micharbeh

by kofri (not verified) on

in chelokabab keh micharbeh be hezar ta sham ba Elizabeth dovom! mano bord stadium sad hezar nafari o yeki az behtareen dooran zendegi! miyad roozi keh dobareh faryad shadi bezanim hata agar ba asa bereem!!!

Jahanshah Javid

Your comemnt was not published?

by Jahanshah Javid on

There was at least one anonymous comment for this posting which I deleted by mistake when I woke up Saturday morning. Instead of clicking on "approve", I deleted a whole list of comments for various articles.

Kheyli bebakhsheed.

Please repost.

Ali P.

True Gentleman!

by Ali P. on

Growing up, I watched Ghilich play, and always admired him as a player; but didn't know anything about his character, or personality.

Later on, in the US, I had the pleasure of meeting, and playing along, his brother Saeed. What a great player, and what a wonderful person he is!

I watched Ghilich's interview at VOA.

What a great athlete, and what a humble man!

"har cheh bolandtarand, ofdaaterand.."



Ali P.