New paintings for Edinburgh Iranian Festival

by Maryam Hashemi
I have new works after more than 2 years. They are different to previous ones ("Liquid state", "In good hands", "Cutting loose") and done by acrylics and on canvas and the sizes are 25x35cm. This time I didn't have a theme so I let the imagination loose. The result is rather chaotic and funny. The best explanation I give you would be to imagine, a few different satellite:). These works were produced mainly for the first ever Edinburgh Iranian Festival, which has been a great joy. To find out more check the website: www.ediranfest.co.uk also check out my reports on some of the exiting programms on my blog: maryamhashemi.blogspot.com.

anonymous fish

these are great

by anonymous fish on

very VERY good.


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Narrative, color, form, in that order come to attention. The paintings invite senses other than the eye. Smell, touch, sound, in that order. Uncanny how the eye tries to search beyond and behind the frame. There's a lonely uprootedness in all that submerged clutter which justifies the introverted and scornful humor. Number 10 is my favorite even if it goes too far.


Even more brillant than previous years

by irannostalgia.com on

Very beautiful work. It is very original work. Originality is an absolute for a real artist, which you are!!. Also, your work appears contemporary and important as you deal in your work with important current issues like repression, suicide, etc.

I visited your blog too, and you have direct links to your works from previous years, and I must say, it looks like your work gets better and better each year.

Love bold colored, thick black lined paintings. 





Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Been a fan of your work from the beginning. Very imaginative.


These are great

by Niki on

Thanks for sharing, now I am interested to see the rest of your work.

Azadeh Azad

Simply delightful

by Azadeh Azad on

Dear Maryam,

It is a delight to look at your works, past and present. They are soulful and charged with strong archetypal and symbolic meanings. You are one of the best Iranian illustrators and painters. You inspire me for my own paintings and I am proud of you. Thank you and good luck with the coming festival.