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Photo essay: With Voice of America reporters in Reedville, Virginia

by Jahanshah Javid

Before going to the San Francisco Bay Area I was in Washington DC for a few days to visit my daughter. And we both got a nasty flu! No it was NOT Swine Flu. And we're both fine. So is everybody we hugged and kissed. As far as I know!

One night before I got sick, I met with my daughter's friends and colleagues at a bar not far from Dupont Circle. They all worked for Voice of America's Persian TV channel. They are mostly in their 20s and 30s. Some have come from Iran and others are 2nd generation Iranian-Americans. And like all members of the media, everywhere, a fun bunch with open, inquisitive, sarcastic, adventurous minds.

They invited me to join them in rural Virginia. A tiny tiny village called Reedville. With one church, one gas station, one school, one "ice cream and gossip parlor" and one restaurant. And one bank. And a fisherman's museum the size of your living room (as soon as the caretaker said the ticket was $5 hameh gheybeshoon zad gheyr az man!).

This place was so remote there was no internet connection. I almost had a heart attack :o) Unbelievable in this day and age. The 24 hours I spent there was my first without being online in years. Fortunately I had the good company of Kambiz, Mahshid, Reza, Negar, Hamideh, Susan, & Dave. Enjoy!

PS: Back in 1996 I wrote something about visiting VOA Persian radio.


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لطف بفرمایید به دوستان صدای آمریک پیفام برسانید

نادر ونکی (not verified)

دستگاه فاکس آن مجموعه عظیم را درست کنند
در پاسخ به پیغام ای میل از کلمات و جملات کامل استفاده نمایند
آقای جمشید چالنگی در حین مصاحبه کمتر حرف میهمانان خود را قطع نموده و کمتر با خودکار و کاغذهای خود بازی نمایند


The charm of little towns like this

by farrad02 on

The charm of little towns like this is why they call America God's country!

 (To's ever-vigilant censors: you delete this comment 1000 times and I will post it again 1001 times! How sad for JJ not to take care of this problem once and for all!)


Baz amadi DC be ma khabar nadadi ):

by sepehrmusic (not verified) on

JJ jan, I thought we were going to finally have that elusive coffee?



Ayn-e deh hay-e khodemooneh

by hassan-abadi (not verified) on

Ayn-e deh hay-e khodemooneh to diyar-e khodemoon.
To Hassan-abad ham internet connection nadarim khob too in Deh ReedVille ham nadaran!
Monteha baalaaye voroodi ghahveh khooneh maa naneveshteh " mahall-e gheybat "!


you call that deh JJ?!

by Monda on

there are some elaborate homes in that town! I wonder why your friends chose Reedville for day off? not that doing tricks on a bicycle in the middle of the street is not a good reason.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Excellent photo essay JJ jaan: thanks for sharing

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

I hope that your flu is all well and gone.

This photo essay is lovely and so peaceful. An occassional day off the internet can work wonders for the heart.


Breaking bread of sorrow

by rainbowcountery on


Ha ha ... Besmallah 



JJ, Did you go to the

by desi on

JJ, Did you go to the chamber of commerce and explain to them what REEDville actually means in Farsi:)?   



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

perfect place for a Hitchcock movie, no wonder gheybeshoon zadan


So this is the new crew?

by Q on

JJ, were any of these kids around 2 years ago?

There were a lot of reports of congressmembers being unhappy with the VOA broadcasts. Do you know what happened with all that?