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Rosie T.

To Mani Akhavan from Robin Jayne Goldsmith

by Rosie T. on

Rosie T. is Rosie Tapurestaani, a combination of the name the man I loved used to call me, Khanom-e-Gol, and an article I edited on the kingdom of Tabarestaan (pre-Arab Tapurestaan, now Manzandaran) for google. I liked the word Tapurestaan because in the Iranian context it is a place which both exists and does not exist, just like cyberspace and just like me (since I am what is known on this website as "khareji.").

Anyway, I'm registered and in my bio you can easily find my name and other info, as well as a contact to e-mail me.  And I gave other contacts on my first blog.  I know, I know, you don't give a shit..

Well, thanks for your name, and, in the immortal words of Dr. Malekenasri, Khomeinist, one of my favorite posters on this site for his patience, courage, civility and transparency, I bid you:



to Rosie T.

by Anonymous231 (not verified) on

My name is Mani Akhavan. Now what the hell is Rosie T? Spell out your name if you are such a proponent of open communication. Then again, pls don't. I don't give a shit.


Fie line - Sacred line crossing

by Shaater (not verified) on

I may have been a bit reckless with the comments...was trying to provoke ... But .. now I know, I was off, way off... Sorry!

But you have to admit you are way biased ....

Any way it is the season to be marry. I wish you all the best ...


HajiAgha, -------------

by Toranj (not verified) on



Khodato shokr kon ke mesle oonayee ke mal madomo mikhoran nashodi. to in donya ta bekhay badi has va khoobi. Sa'i kon har do ghomash ro bebini. Ye seri gardan koloft mikonand, ye seri montazere tah-mandeye boshghabha hastan. Mano yade sham'e beitolmaal mindaze ke Ali nakhast baraye Talhe va Zobeir roshan negah dareh.


Donya mesle hamsare; Bahash

by Tiger (not verified) on

Donya mesle hamsare; Bahash adam khoob ta nakoneh zendegieh adamo siah mikoneh;



I send this letter to Iran and i am looking for answer

by hajiagha on


دنیا زندان مومن و بهشت کافر است .


and thank's from JJ for all this photo


hajiagha letter to Shaheid Avini home page of the shaheid avini

by hajiagha on



م الله الر حمن الر حیم......نامه مخلصا نه یک حانباز حنگ و برادر شهید به شهید آوینی....شهید عزیز.تو رفتی و ما را با این همه چه کنم ها تنها گذاشتی...ای کاش مارا هم می بردی و این همه عذاب و فکر کردن.....داشتم فکر می کردم احمدی نزاد دکتر هم آمد و ه ما دروغ گفت مثل رفسنحانی و خاتمی و رهبر و ......از رهبر پر سیدم از سید خدا در مورد ثر ت های کلا ن مسئو لان حکومتی و لی رهبر هم حوابی نداد...از دکتر احمدی نزاد و سرباز مهدی آقای مان پرسیدم این قصرهای چند میلیونی و حساب های بانکی در خارح متعلق به کیست......دکتر هم حوابی نداد.....پرسیدم...شایعه است فرزند رفسنحانی و واعظ طبسی و آیت اله یزدی و شا هرودی و فلا حیآن و رفیقدوست ها و مولوی و حافظ و مولا نا گویا ا اعتماد مردم سوع ستفاده ها می کنند.....کفتند حزب الی بدون عقل بهتر از کنحکاو بودن آن است ....کفتم ما به شما اعتماد کردیم ....گفتند اشتباه شماهم در همین بود....گفتم در کا نا دا زندگی می کنم....مملکت کفار....و عدالت آنها و صدا قت آنها بهتر از رهبران و مسئولان حکومت مهدی امام زمان من است....لا آقل دروغ گو تنبل و سر بار رمردم نیستند......شهید آوینی عزیزم تو بگو آیا پرسیدن از مسئو لان ی گناه و یک حرام است.....ما را دعا کن شهید من از کنا ها نم و روز عذاب و پرسش وپاسخ وحشت دارم....غلا محسین حاحی اقا

Rosie T.

Nose in butt...

by Rosie T. on

To Anonymous 231,479,395.586:

You know, it's funny, I was just saying kind of the same thing on the discussion under the blog on Khomeini's Iranians don't want to accept responsibilty for what happened...

but don't you think, since you're addressing our host and we all know who HE is, that it would be only fair for YOU to pull your nose out of the butt of your anonymity before telling someone else to pull THEIR nose out of HIS...? Especially since you advocate RESPONSIBILITY...

Think about it, please...


to type farsi please click here

by hajiagha cartoonist (not verified) on

thank you for your letter to me, but I can not change myself to be bad guy, and I don't like bad people also. if we are thinking this way, which not selfish , and thinking about others, helping others,,,,,they are also helpping us, which we are helping each others in perfect society, but in west or in mullahs country they are trying to teach us or posh us to we choice new way, which live alone be alone don't care about others only your life is important....not others be smart and try to make money don't care what was happening to in sep 11 attack in airplane some stupid terrorist .....if the american people or those on this plane was having responsibility may they change the game . we need to support each others, and stop to fight and ignore each others, I thinks British government is one of the numbers of are enemy because they try to make world all ways as separation , tafraghe beyandaz va hokomat kon


to Anonymous 1

by Anonymous231 (not verified) on

It was people like JJ who caused the revolution and who burried Iran under the dark viel of the Arab loving IRI. I understand that people can change thier opinions, but it still stands true that our current troubles do NOT stem from the U.S., the Brits or enyone else. They stem from the complete and utter ignorance of JJ and other so called educated Iranians who supported the Ayatollahs by the millions. Yes JJ and others like him finally became somewhat civilized in thier thinking, but what they did to Iran has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and decades of anguish. The truth is the truth.
Anonymous 1, Now you can pull your nose out of JJ's butt and come up for air, if you'd like.


What's Khalkhali doing in these photos??

by Haji (not verified) on



by Sangam (not verified) on

Nothing Personal...Just taking people to the task!
Try to be more balance...


Mohammad Ala

Saluting our heros.

by Mohammad Ala on

Wherever one goes in Iran, he or she sees the signs of this war which left many of our people dead.  My family members were affected by this war and there were many days that we did not sleep. 


We shall strive that no war will happen again in our country or any other country, but this is wishful thinking.  There are companies and countries which benefit from these wars.  Nevertheless, our efforts must not stop.


I salute those who gave their lives to defend Iran.


Dr. Mohammad Ala is Professor of Business and a Board member of,, and


Re: Hajiagha, Thankyou JJ

by Toranj (not verified) on

Haji joon, Chakeretam! As I said, I don't know you. I only know you through your writings here. Your last posting is genuine. I hope you forgive me if I caused any harm to your feelings.
It sounds you get your heart into these things too much and it's not good for you. Don't destroy yourself. Nobody is worth destroying yor life for in this world. Use your brain when dealing with people. Use your heart only with God. He will take care of us.

Aghar bekhahi bare kharabkarihaye hame ro be doushet begiri, kamaret mishkane. In donya pore az badi va pore az khoobi. Sa'i kon hadde aghal har do rabebini aghe nemitooni faghat khoobi ro bebini. In bare sangeen ro bezar roo doushe khoda va faghat bare khodeto dashte bash. Motmaen bash ke ajre defa'et az vatan va mahrooman pishe khodast.

Yeki ro mishnakhtam ke to Amrika fogh lisance gereft va raft Iran saale 1364 ke be mardom khedmat kone. Raft Iran va shoroo kard kar dar rooznameye ettelaat. Az tahe ghalb mikhast be mellat va eslam komak kone va barye hamin cheshmesh hatta donbale hoghooghe mahiane ham nabood. Ba'd az yek saal shoroo kard be zendeghie enferadi va har rooz rooze migereft. Bad joori az dastgaah khorde bood chon kallashiha va kolahbardariha ro dowro bare khod beyne eslami-namaha midid. Ba'ad az 2-3 maah ealame vahy or resaalat kard. Kollan bahkte bood.

Bara hamin migam ghalbeto to in birahmiha dargeer nakoni behtare. To in donya pore az adamhaye be zaher khoob va be baten gandideh.

Zaaherash chon goore kafar por helal.
Baatenash ghahre khoda azze va jalle!


thank you

by Radman (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing these images Mr. Javid. Hopefully we will never see such images from our homeland ever again


Thank you JJ,you fresh my memmory

by hajiagha on


I was be totally in 2 attack from 1364 to 1366 in Fave khozestaine valfajre 8 and in city of Mahoud Iraqi city Kordestan....I never saw in my life honet, better, carry, good human, and what you can see in a real human , like supper hero , and holy,a nice guy,,,,and what they are about this people on this photo's , some one call them baseji, or pastar, or sarbaz emem zaman, I am not nice guy, but I learn so many things nice from them, untile I left Iran and move out , and what I saw around myself , is a shamefully life drug's, crime's fraud, homo.....I don't know what to say about....just share my memory....I don't like mullahs but I like this people from my hart


Thanks JJ...

by Midwesty on

I appreacite sharing your memories with us. Molavi says:

Har kasi koo door mand az asle kheesh....baz jooyad roozegare vasle kheesh...

Best of Regards


Nymph : undergoes incomplete metamorphosis

by dryad (not verified) on

Where are you from?
I am from cary, North Carolina.Where_Is_Iranian_COM
No, I mean where you come from.
I come from Iran BUT I have lived most of my life in US.
Are they civilized where you come from?
You see we are not X and not Y and not Z . We are just plane NOT!


University of NC, WASHINGTON is one of the best for hands on Intelligence Specialist, CIA (//

Seriously, Mo aka JJ come clean! Write about your dealings with Homeland security fellows. We all know the law. You must have had some contact with the goons, NO ?


you have come a looooooooooooong way JJ!

by simone (not verified) on

i really enjoyed these pictures and the stories behind them. thank you for sharing them with your readers. i am glad that you kept your original name, it completely goes with your last name.
by the way, is "Davar/iran Ardalan" your sister or that is another Iran in the family?


what you did for your country?

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

یک بار وبای همیشه ..من مثل شما ها رو ولفر نیستم....که مرتب بیام حلو ی کامپیوتر....مشکل شما اینه که مشروب و تریاک زیاد مغز تان رو پوک کرده...یکی میگه آزادی هم حنس بازان....آزادی اینها چه مشکلی از مردم بد بخت ما حل خواهد کرد....یکی میگه آزادی زنان زنها که درایرن آزاد هستند کار کنند و در س بخوا نند....و وقتی به خارح می ایند چرا از آزادی به روش درست آن استفاده نمی کنندو می روند دنبال شب چرانی.....یکی میگه تو ایران فقر داریم.....هم کشور های دنیا همین مشگل رو دارند...بهترین کشور و شهر دنیا ونکور کا نادا پر شده ز معتاد و آدم کش وبی خا نمان و زن ها ی تن فروش.....یکی میگه بد بختی ما کا گرو هک هاست.....کون شما گشاه و آدم تنبل ومفت خور و را حت طلبی هستید....به اون ها چه ربط داره.....پاسپورت حمهوری اسلا می هم دم دست تون و حیره ولفر آخوند ها ....بهتر نیست به حای نق زد اول بنو یسید چقدر سواد دارید و برای مملت خودچقدر مفید بودید...تو این کانادا چرا صدا ی تون در نمی آید با دادن %14 مالیات...ازدیاد طلاق و فقرو نزاد پرستی....هزینه تحصیل گران....هزینه مسکن سر سام آور...ازدیاد مواد مخدر و نا امنی میزان قتل و کار های خلاف در بین ایرا نی های سا کن ونکور.....خود سانسوری......دست زن به هر کار کثیف برای یک لقمه نان....مشگل حکومت ایرن ردر نبو دن یک ر هبر ی سالم . ندا شتن نظم و بی عدا لتی .......این چهار تا عکس چه آزاری داره که شما با آ ن هم مخالفین خا طرات رشادت ها و سلحشوری آد مها ی دلسوز و طن رو نشان میده....شما برای مملت خودتان چه کردید....زبا ن درازی ها..

Rosie T.

Sarbaz Imam Zaman / Toranj...

by Rosie T. on

I think we totally agree on things now. So let's just put it to bed for a while....anyone following this thread, and most especially Haji, has more than enough to chew on for a while... So I'll just send these words from Buffy Sainte Marie called UNIVERSAL SOLDIER (1965) for all Sarbazha-ye- Imam Zaman.  

(UN investigations after the carnage finally ended, with no winners, concluded that while Iraq was responsible for starting the war, Iran was responsible for prolonging it for years when Saddam was willing to broker a peace.  Of course it was because Khomeini needed a cause to rally the expendable people around, Ah, that Martyrs' Fountain in Mashad...)


***  UNIVERSAL SOLDIER He’s 5 foot 2 and he’s 6 feet 4
He fights with missiles and with spears
He’s all of 31 and he’s only 17.
He’s been a soldier for a thousand years

He’s a catholic, a Hindu, an atheist, a Jain
A Buddhist, and a Baptist and Jew.
And he knows he shouldn’t kill
And he knows he always will
Kill you for me my friend and me for you

And He’s fighting for Canada.
He’s fighting for France.
He’s fighting for the USA.
And he’s fighting for the Russians.
And he’s fighting for Japan
And he thinks we’ll put an end to war this way.

And He’s fighting for democracy,
He’s fighting for the reds
He says it’s for the peace of all.
He’s the one who must decide,
who’s to live and who’s to die.
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
how would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He’s the one who gives his body
as a weapon of the war.
And without him all this killing can’t go on

He’s the universal soldier
And he really is to blame
His orders come from
far away no more.

They come from him.
And you and me.
And brothers can’t you see.
This is not the way we put an end to war



damaged for ever....

by maziar58 (not verified) on

nice pics jj. and to all you naggers......
I'm from ahwaz born and raised in khuzestan
lost my childhood home,lost a one year old sleeping nephew and another half paralized ( survived the 1000 ton iraqi bombing in khorram shahr) to die at 13 in 1993.
IRAN will always be in our heart regardless.....
memoories for some who fought the war,nightmare for some others.


Re: Rosie

by Toranj (not verified) on

I truly admire your human approach to Haji's dillema; I feel for his agony, as I mentioned previously; I just think that the way he approaches his issue is very negative and it only reinforces lower energy in his spirit. All of us needs peace within and as I understand, his approach only aggrevates his chaos within. MWhen I suggested him drawing Tourist cartoons, I did not mean humility, I meant to free up his spirit and do something positive. The energy he would get from it is priceless!

As Einstein says:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

that little bastard: where did he get it from? of course from europians. the order was given by great Satan. Thanks God the revulotionary Guards had in one hand the holly book and in thier other hand thier sworn so that they conquered over those devils. the chemical attack was not sadams own initiative. as every other thing which happend in the war against young IRI. the great satan and its europians servants went to sadam and made promisses. so he became activ not knowing that what all what he is supposed to do must be done voluntarily. he could not believe in the fact: the great satan does never pay. he was in a psychological state that he could not imagin that he also would experience what was happend to the iranian`s most last he did. In the sadams trial was IRI coPlaintiff. But the "court" found the incidental action unpermissible. and the "COURT" knew why. sadam had to die because he wanted something for his services. Not knowing that the great satan only takes and never pays. Now let us take for example the most last iranian kaiser. how much he did for the great satan and what did he get? Cancer! Anyway I think sadam died comparatively a more honourable death than the kaiser. Better I make an End now. In "IRANIAN" is nothing sacred but there are things which are less sacred. Greeting

Rosie T.

Toranj...Haji is...

by Rosie T. on

confused. (Sorry, Haj, but you are...).  And I'm in a quandary here, because I'm not sure this is the place to get into this, but such are the paradoxes of cyberspace. So, here goes... (For those just hopping on to this thread, please see:  Sarbaz Imam Zaman).

There is NO continuity in Haji's political agendas, they come and go.  The same is applicable to his amorous agendas. People here have tried, SERIOUSLY tried, to find him a girlfriend, women have wanted to meet him, and he backs out...yet he says it is what he most wants. The same weather vane, helter skelter qualities are seen in his "politics." Haji doubt has severe post-traumatic stress disorder (read:  shell shock).  He is also an orphan from a poor family,and severely dyslexic, to boot.

And he exists.  Google him. Find out when he was in the Canadian press about immigration issues.  He is EXACTLY who he says he is. I know, I know, there's a part in ALL of us that doesn't WANT Haji to be Haji, because then his pain is too painful for US to bear...but he is REAL, and we MUST face it.

And unfortunately, you and I (and Anonymouse, his most ardent supporter and friend) and anyone else really CAN'T help him until he chooses to find and accept help himself.

But what we CAN do is not HURT him any more than he's already been hurt. And that is ALL I ask.  And I am EXTREMELY grateful to you that you took the time, and you listened, and you HEARD me..Now just PLEASE stop questioning whether he is who he says he is.  Because he IS...and this...tenuous...identity is ALL that he has.


Re: Rosie

by Toranj (not verified) on

As it comes to the character of Hajaga (assuming he exists), there's personal and public side of the issue. I have utmost respect for his participation in defending his country. But this does not mean everyone who comes out as a war veteran has the right to serenade his song like McCane does "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran)! because there's as many opinions as we have war veterans if not more, since some people actually have few different opinions with some contradicting others. It's our cultural issue and we need to resolve it. I know many many war veterans who become doctors, engineers and have good professions in good ol' US of A enjoying rest of their lives. I feel for his suffering and understand his agony, because I know how in the system of IRI, everyone has expiration date. It just depends on when you will question the system. If you are pedarsookhteh (kallash), you won't question anything and bunch up as much wealth as you can as a parasite within the system. If you are smart, you just don't get involved with it at personal level. If you mean good for the whole country, you do your share and live a peaceful life. The reason is so obvious just look at Hajaga character. He feels he lost his 1/2 life for Mollas and he is cursing on everything that moves, except Mojaheds and commies (I'm baffled since these creatures actually are responsible for many killings of innocent lives in the name of fighting Mollas and sleeping with the enemy, Saddam!!!!)


Re: javab ablahan khamoshe ast

by Toranj (not verified) on

Of course; Because ablah has no answer to a rational question someone raises!

If you are really traumatized by the ugly face of war, you will never ever draw a bomb coming down on someone's head. There is millions of people hidden under the turban of that Molla. What is their fault? I was talking to a friend of mine who's a Vietnam war veteran. He has horrible stories to tell. At the end of his storytelling, he sighs and wishes no human deserves to suffer torment of war just because some decide to impose it on nations from the comfort of their castle.


Re: lets not forget

by Shirin on

Thats exactly my sentiments. No matter what one thinks of the regime, one should never forget that our country was saved by these heroes (in my opinion they are true martyrs).

I was only 6 when we left Iran in 1988. But one of the last scenes I remember before we left was the funeral of our neighbour's two sons and some other young men from our mahale, who went and fought in the front. They were all ordinary Iranians from different social and ethnic groups, but they all had one thing in common -they gave the flower of their youth so that we can still have a motherland called Iran.

Rosie T.

Fish to fry...

by Rosie T. on

I'll address this. It's not about Haji and it's ALL about Haji. Behnam, you don't understand. Again, please read: "Sarbaz Imam Zaman". It is the most moving anti-war document I have ever read in my entire life.

That generation of soldiers was supposed to be revered and instead all they got was techno pizza parlors and an upsurge in plastic surgeons and malls, and some of them went mad. Panahi captures this well in "Crimson Gold" (Talaye Sorkh). But EVERY generation of soldiers is the same. We Americans lost an entire generation of some of our best and brightest of the working class to Vietnam. They simply...went...mad...

Haji, Toranj just tried to make amends to you, in HIS OWN WAY, and that's all anyone can do, is make amends in THEIR OWN WAY and ON THEIR OWN TIME. But if you can't see it, you're REALLY losing it. And I'm getting REALLY worried about you.

But that's Haji...he sees things the rest of us can't see and he DOESN'T see things the rest of us can...because of who he is and what he had to endure.. As for the rest of us...I won't tolerate ANY Haji-bashing on ANY anti-war posting. Who am I? I'm no one...just like everyone else here.

And JJ's ten years...when I think of that boy in Abadan holding that dog, and I see that young man wearing that mask, that child of relative privilege photographng and translating in that mask....the only difference between JJ and Haji is that Haji had no mask, because he was NOT a child of privilege. We are ALL victims of the interplay of our personal histories with larger historical forces and the struggle to overcome that is what spiritual Muslims refer to as the TRUE jihad. And you should ALL be such Mujahaddin, and proud of it.

The war begins and ends in ONESELF. Be the change you want to see in the world--Gandhi.

Swim forever, little goldfish...



lets not forget

by Areyo Barzan (not verified) on

In spite of all our differences lets not forget those men and boys who fought and died for their country. And yes for the integrity (TAMAAMYYAT ARZI ) of a country we call Iran and hold dear to our hearths. What ever our view of Islam or the current regime, the fact is that those soldiers and volunteer fighters were heroes who fought for their country and gave their lives without any question or preservation in order to save the rest of us. After this many years, looking at the pictures of that era still brings tears of pride to my eyes and I feel very humble towards those who fought that war and sacrifices they did for us

We are in their debt forever