by Alireza Malek Jafarian


Sport also can be damaged too

by The Professor Danesh, Ph.D. from UCR (not verified) on

...see now the chinese basketball player "sun ming ming" with 7.9 foot tall hight can dunk the basket ball ball without even jumping while holding it in his palm like a small lemon--

With his emergence one possibly could say the game is damaged permanently beyond repair and the professional players by definition are officially are out of the job in need of looking for new job opportunity alternative (ping pong?)--

Baby the big money for basket ball game player is over now l

"good old days..."

Multiple Personality Disorder

I'll take three of the most damaged ones for my bedroom

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

...and the rest of them for the rest of my appartment.


A little disturbing, if you ask me.

by happy-guy (not verified) on

Does art need to be so dark and gloomy?

Azarin Sadegh

dark, and unforgettable!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Great paintings!

Thank you for sharing, azarin

Mort Gilani


by Mort Gilani on

Thanks for posting these pieces!  Slides 21-24 are not my cup of tea, but I very much enjoyed looking at the rest.


dark theme , but interesting

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I liked your paintings. I find them to be thought provoking and quite edgy.