The Coast is Clear

Photo essay: Algarrobo and El Quisco, central Chile

by Jahanshah Javid
Wikipedia: Algarrobo is a Chilean city and commune in San Antonio Province, Valparaíso Region. Located on the country's central coast, it is a popular summer resort for the population of Santiago. It is an upscale community near El Quisco and Valparaíso >>>

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Re camera

by Arj on

Nonetheless, great detail!

Jahanshah Javid

Camera, fish

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Arj. My camera is not a DSLR. It's a Canon G-11. It's not too small or too big. It has lots of nice functions but I always keep it on automatic.


Bambi, the fish and shellfish are quite amazing here. And the ceviches are to die for :)




by bambi on

Beautiful pictures.  It looks very tempting to go.  I enjoyed the serenity of the ocean and the gorgeous blue colors.  The ceramic art looked interesting.  Looking at the pictures, I can imagine the seafood tasting pure and fresh.

Thanks for sharing.


Re camera

by Arj on

Dear JJ, what kind of camera do you use? Assuimng it's a DSLR, what kind of lens did you use for extreme close-ups (e.g. tele-macro zoom 70-210, macro100...)?! The very last one, #93 is amazing both in sharpness and depth of field!


I'm starting to hate JJ...

by bahmani on

Dear JJJ (Jahanshah Javid Joon),

Please stop posting such lovely pictures and endearing photo essays. You are seriously driving me crazy, wanting to quit everything, grab a backpack, toss in some walking shoes a couple shorts and a light jacket and jump onto the next plane to join you on your "stroll through the world".

Since this is largely impossible, the reaction to your pieces ends up being initial excitement, followed by sadness, then deep anger, and finally cynical resentment (how Iranian!)

And based on the locale you cover in each one of these, the occasional temptation to re-start one of those ridiculous rumors about your estimated "huge" personal wealth. Obviously gained from all of the ads on the site.

So keep it up buddy boy, if you know what's good for you! ;)

To read more bahmani posts visit: //

Jahanshah Javid

Red Wine

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks so much... especially for recommending the unpcoming jazz and wine festivals... will be there :)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

یک آلبومِ زیبایِ دیگر... ۱۰۰% آرتیستیک .

جهانشاه جان،یادت نرود به کافه بار‌هایِ جنوبِ سانتیاگو سر زنی‌،کم کم فستیوال‌هایِ جاز و شراب درانجا آغاز میشوند.

حضرت خوش باشند و ما دعاگو... :) .


Jahanshah Javid

Dogs and bars

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Piyalechi. There are stray dogs everywhere, but they are harmless -- hungry, more like it. Haven't seen any aggressive behavior.

The bars on windows are to prevent robberies. There are only a few police officers, so people take precaution, including installation of alarm systems -- and keeping dogs.

Esfand Aashena

Nice pictures. No tequilas?!

by Esfand Aashena on

The beach doesn't seem like there is much to do there other than walk in deserted streets or sidewalks, or maybe I'm not seeing it. 

Red wine in hot water?  I've seen and actually sometimes serve red wine chilled but dunno about hot red wine!  Is it like warm Guinness?! 

Did you have the entire bottle of wine by yourself?  Do you dance baba karam after it?!  It's nice, I like having a whole bottle too except my body is giving up sooner as I age.  I used to drink a whole bottle of Vodka but not any more.  The good old days! 

You should try the cold ocean.  It's good for your health!  You get shrinkage but other than that it's very healing. 

Everything is sacred


Thanks Again, JJJ

by Piyalechi on

For taking us with you to see more of Chile...


Random Thoughts:

- Did some Rastafarian dude get scalped here?

- Chile, land of the sleepiest dogs in the world!

- All you see is this dreamy, peaceful images of people and places, where bars on all windows seem so out of place!...