Children of Cyrus

Photo essay: People and places

by Arash Liberta

long live Iran

Dear Children of Cyrus,

by long live Iran on

Thanks for sharing these nice photos...But should not they cross that rope? I know in other countries it has a awful penalty, if any dare to do! But looks even not fan of Cyrus paying attention to this point. That is a pity.

Long Live IRAN for EVER 


Well done Children of Cyrus

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Great Journey & pictures.  Thank you for sharing.

Tiger Lily

Finally, one good picture after another

by Tiger Lily on

For the past few months, I have rarely opened the files of photo essays. Just a few of the photos were too painful already.

It's been a joy to open each file this time. Thanks for your sensitive and fun work.

Multiple Personality Disorder

The Front Cover picture is documenting a violation!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

The Front Cover photo (pic #21) clearly shows the decorated wall relief is cordoned off to the public, yet these cute guys break the rule and take a picture of themselves breaking the rule and post it worldwide for everyone to see!  Not a good idea, guys!

O! Wait!  Maybe they had permission.  If so, never mind then.

Ali A Parsa

Children of Cyrus

by Ali A Parsa on

Gorgeous photos. Wish there was caption especially under group photos of people.

Best of luck for better ones in the future.