Chak Chak

Photo essay: Pilgrimage site of Zoroastrians

by msabaye

چک چک (معروف به چک چکو) یکی از معروفترین زیارتگاه های زرتشتیان است که در منطقه ای کوهستانی در شمال شهر یزد واقع شده است. به گفته خادم این زیارتگاه، هر ساله بین 10 تا 15000 نفر از زرتشتیان از مناطق مختلف جهان برای زیارت به "چک چک " می آیند. این زائران پس از شرکت در آئین مذهبی زرتشتیان که از 24 تا 28 خرداد در زیارتگاه "ستی پیر" یزد برگزار می شود، به این مکان می آیند. گفته شده که نام چک چک از صدای چک چک قطره های آبی گرفته شده که از صخره ای در دل کوه می چکد. سرگذشت این معبد با راز و رمز و افسانه و شواهد تاریخی آمیخته است.... FULL TEXT


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American Dream

Everyone should visit chak chak

by American Dream on

Everyone should visit Chak Chak. For more information on visiting Chak Chak go to the following site:

mostafa ghanbari


by mostafa ghanbari on


It is a good reminder for us, who nowadays have lost our zeal and live rather  like a nation with no identity and background. Zoroasteriansm was the philosophy of greatness and supreme humanity;it created  epochs of glory and pride for us.


Very nice

by Sohraby on

Zoroasterianism is the mostimportant  part of Iranian identity which will revive again.


Yazd - Chak chak (17 min.)

by mihanyar on

A path through Center of Iran to city of Yazd , also Chak Chak where History of Zoroastrians weaving Goodness and Humanity that bonds Earth.

To view full vesion in high resolution:  





یکتا پرستان آریا برخیزید


Across the ocean, I hear the calling. Through the darkness, I see the light beckoning me. Each drop of my tears falls to the rhythm of Chak Chak.

تک سوار آریا خواهد آمد...

Mona 19

Yazd - Chak chak

by Mona 19 on

It's very nice video...(it was posted here by dear Party Girl).





Very beatifull and very peacefull.

by پیام on

In the past, I have seen some documentaries containing images from this holy site. It is a very beatifull and a very peacefull place that I hope to visit someday.


Ma megoom: Chick - Chick in tehran!

by gol-dust on

We have Red Woods in california even without Banoo's visit! i guess, that's how religions start! Fairytale!