Between hope and anxiety

Paintings & scetches

by Davood Mantegh
Statement for exhibition at Queen Gallery (Toronto - Canada, 2010):  This exhibition showcases all new artwork that I have made since I have left Iran. All of the work has been made in the short period (about five months) since I have been here. This work was inspired by my reflections, often in my bed, as I am drifting off to sleep, on my memories and the mystery of the future. I don’t know what the future holds for me and as I lay there thinking about it, I draw. Because I have suddenly found myself in Canada, in completely different circumstances, I feel like I am suspended between hope and anxiety >>>

Paintings and sketches 1994-2011:




by yolanda on

Great work! It should be "Paintings and sketches"!

Tiger Lily

Illustrations are very good

by Tiger Lily on

paintings, I'm not so sure about, except for very few, but in any case

Wishing you more hard, appreciated work ;)


Tiger Lily



by BeeTaraf on

Great paintings!  Thanks for sharing…I wish there was a full size slideshow button for viewing photos on!  The current click and wait, and resize is so slow!

iraj khan

Interesting collection

by iraj khan on

My impressions of your paintings:

A painter trying to connect with his inner self, voices he hears, images he sees and trying to understand them.

Angels, figures floating in the space reminds of some of the paintings by Chagall the French painter. I like the colors in your paintings and collages.

Earth colors, different shades of brown cover most of your compostion and are pleasant to the eyes.

I also see the color Blue signifying water, changing shapes while traveling thru inhospitable terrains.

Isolation and loneliness are the main theme of your paintings, but aren't most artists and creators like that?

Thanks for sharing them and keep it up.