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Fereydoun Farrokhzad's grave moved to more prominent spot in Bonn cemetery

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Thank you Darius for the wonderful link

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I repeat here what I wrote in my earlier post:

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What a man we lost in our times. Just watch the videos at the bottom and tell me you didn't love him.

He is my idea of the ideal Persian in these times. He loved his land and people. He laughed, he sang, he loved and he made everybody feel good and proud.

The most amazing thing about his life story, to me, is that he was sometimes belittled because it was said he was a homosexual! That's odd because he was the bravest man I know after the revolution.

All you homophobic Persians MEN out there take note: the bravest Iranian of our time was a homosexual.




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How can we find out more about what happened to him?  I know next to nothing.

Did they ever catch his killer?  I've got to do something in his honor. 


Fereydun..I always love you

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Yadesh gerami..bozorgtarin vatanparaste Irani bud..kash hamegi ghadre Fereydoono oon zaman midoonestan....roohesh shad

Red Wine

Farrokhzad & Religion

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Farrokhzad hich vaght beh religion e'eteghad nadasht ! harfash neshan midad keh mazhab hamisheh dar Iran joz bad bakhti chizi beh hamrah nadashteh !

beh omid-e rouzi keh irani ha bein-e mazhab va iran,faghat yeki ra entekhab konand. 


Darius Kadivar

Farrokhzad Very Last Concert in Canada 1992

by Darius Kadivar on


The is the very Last Live Concert of Fereydoun Farrokhzad gave before his death a few months later. He speaks about many issues including about rumors that circulated on himself and his sister the late Forough.



May we all celebrate Farrokhzad one day in IRAN

by پیام on

I cincerly hope for the day that all my beloved fellow Iranians can join me and return to our precious land for good and we are able to burry these true patriots in the land they so deeply loved.

 Till then; let's not forget Farrokhzad, gen. Rahimi, gen. Mohagheghi and others like them that pay the ultimate price for their love for Iran.

 God bless them.


shab SHOD, biabaan SHOD,zemestaan SHOD! NABOOD!!!

by Majid on

He was a Great man ,a great Iranian,a great human being,a great artist and a great supporter of a LOT of so called "artists", who are too coward to even recognize what he did for them! yeah, right! SAEED KHAAN! you know who you are !

You ,in the best case senario,could be a "roo howzie motreb",if it was not because of this GREAT man! 

shab SHOD! biabaan SHOD! zemestaan SHOD!


How easily people are forgotten...

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A single man stood alone against the barbaric regime and ideals of the Islamic Republic, not for political advancement, for fame, money, or anything of benefit to him other than his undying love for his country and his countrymen.

I'm utterly disgusted and disappointed by the lack of appreciation and remembrance this man is receiving today. Nearly every singer & entertainer that came from the Pahlavi Era owes a great debt of graditude to this man because it was he that brought many of these singers to the public/television & radio and yet from the pictures I see, only Sattar came to pay his respects.


Re: Farokhzad

by Rostam on

The IRI considered Farokhzad, one man alone and all by himself, such a threat that they ordered his assasination. This should tell you all you need to know about Farokhzad and also about the IRI. I wish he was still alive. He will be missed.



We love you Feraydoun!

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Tou dahaneh IRI - your turns shall also come and when you meet your maker you will have to say - mebakhsheed poushtam be shoumast!



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Darius Kadivar

Farrokhzad was a Man of Quality and a True Patriot

by Darius Kadivar on

Mr Farrokhzad as much as his sisters the late Forough and the still alive Pouran belonged to a rare gem of a talented family. He was not just a charismatic and talented entertainer, but was driven by an inner faith in Arts as a mean of bringing people together. I was not very old when he was at the hight of his fame in Iran but his shows were very modern and ambitious and widely appreciated. What was unique about him was that he tried to make the magical world of show business and entertainment available to everyone. He needed success as much as he needed to share it with everyone. He loved his fans as much as they loved him. But he never appeared arrogant and was the first to make fun of the less glamourous sides of show business.

He was also a great Patriot. He remained faithful to the Former Imperial Era, not for the sake of politics for he was not a political figure but because he justly believed that he was a product of that era and had nothing to be ashamed of in regard to his own work.

He noticed before many people the dangerous ideology that was being exported by the ISlamic Republic but also because of the cultural purge that destroyed the career of nearly all of his fellow colleagues who were either forced to exile or set to silence.

Not surprisingly he was assassinated by the Islamic republics death squad who also tried to undermine his reputation and honor by accusing him of sexual depravity and ambiguity which was never proven.

Fereidoun Farrokhzad was a Man of Quality and a True Patriot and it is great that his fellow colleague Sattar pays him a tribute and keeps his flame alive.


Paris FRANCE, Film Critic and Fan