Animals and Flowers

Photo essay: Qom's park and zoo residents

by Mostafa Meraji



by HHH on

Mollahs spending billions on Ghom is like a janitor using nation's money to build gold toilets.

The only good things Ghom ever produced are Sohaan and Pashmak.


I didn't know ahmadinejad had a twin! did he dye his hair? cute!

by obama on

He looks so innocent as he never ordered any killings!


How are they still alive?

by shahabshahab on

Between the superstitious people of Gum, the ugly city, itself, and the Akhoonds, I am surprised these creatures are even still alive. I would have thought by now those people would have skinned these animals alive and devoured them.

Let's try to save them! HA HA HA!

میرزا چغندر


by میرزا چغندر on

Stare at it for a while it will sort of evolve to "Haddad aadel"; it's not much an evolution, though.


زیر نویسها


- شماره 3: بهت گفتم باید از یک مرجع دیگه تقلید می کردیم.

- شماره 6: آخیش. چه خوب شد پوست انداختم. عمامه داشت منو خفه می کرد.

- شماره 10: آره، ما خانوادگی همه مون امام جمعه هستیم.

- شماره 21: آخ چقدر خمیازه کشیدم. نمیدونم ما رو دیگه چرا میارند سخنرانی خامنه ای.

- شماره 30: کفر من و بقیه بسیجی ها رو در نیار. حکومت مال ولایت فقیهه.

- شماره 45: نه، ما از سگ نمی ترسیم. سگ که ترس نداره. ما از آخوند می ترسیم. اون جاکش هم که نشسته توی آشغالها همونه که عابد و مسلمون شده.



by yolanda on

A great imagination for #3, the title photo (I was thinking of Ebola):

That's AhmadiNejad (AN), in his prison cell awaiting sentencing after the fall of IRI. 

Great job! Thank you! Harpi-Eagle, LOL!!!


Picture 3 ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

That one is like a window to the future.  That's AhmadiNejad (AN), in his prison cell awaiting sentencing after the fall of IRI.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Great pics. Thanks for the post.



by yolanda on

I love all the cacti and succulents. I also e-mailed #35 and #41 to myself. It looks like a paradise!

Thank you for sharing! The photographer is very observant and has captured the beauty of the nature very well! 


Nice pictures. Very nice!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Anonymous Observer

Those poor animals and plants

by Anonymous Observer on

have to live in the same town as akhoonds.  What disrespect to these wonderful living things.