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by Jahanshah Javid

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Aug 31, 2012
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Aug 26, 2012
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Aug 23, 2012
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Visit where I was killed by I.R.

by Shahpoor Bakhtiar (not verified) on

Jenabe Jahanshah Javid,
Lotfan Agar be Paris Amadid, Apartemani keh mara dar aan Ghateleene Jomhorie Eslami beh vahshianeh-tareen va Namardaneh-tareen shekl be ghatl resaandand ra be ham- Meehanane azizam neshan bedahid.

Zendeh baad DEMOCRACY...

PS.Video ma raa keh ham dar site taan Censor va paak kardid !

Eshkali nadarad Yek roozi ham KARMA garibangeere Ghatelan meeshavad....


Thank you for your photo essays

by Shahram (not verified) on

Hi Jahanshah,
In my opinion, your photo essays are the most interesting part of

Thank you.
Shahram from Canada


Damet Garm JJ joon!

by Laleh (not verified) on

Heecham aberoomoonoh nabordi. To Baaesseh eftekhareh maie! I'm glad you're having fun, and your pictures are getting really good. We love you and want you to come back soon. Can't wait to see the France photos posted.

And Nassery! What part of JJ's trip makes you scared that you'll be insulted? The people in Europe are lovely and polite and like anywhere in the world, if you give nice, you get nice back!
For instance, I bet people have been really nice to JJ!


مرتیکه خجالت نمیکشی

Anonymous221 (not verified)

جهانشاه واقعان گندش را در اوردی. بی غیرتی و لات بازی کردنت دیگر از حد گذشته. تو چته؟ ابروی ایرانی ها رو بردی. دست وردار از این دئوس بازی ها. ایشک.


Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

by پیام on

Beh bozorgiye khodetoon bebakhshid keh az in behtar nashod azatoon pazirayee konam. Lets plan your next visit upfront so that I can be of more service to you. Anyway, have fun in Nice en till next time. Payam


JJ did you try any Hashish?

by Hashsih (not verified) on

You said you couldn't find any mushrooms but did you try any Hashish? I thought I saw something like Hashish advertised in the coffee shop's window.


JJ, you need...

by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

a spiritual awakening, you godless atheist you...
I can help you. I will keep you up all night, and you will say the 99 names of God...



JJ meets Darius

by Monsieur Bel mondo (not verified) on

Coming soon:
Photos of Darius and JJ in Champ d'Elysée eating joojeh Kabaab !

JJ writes: Darius is actually a nice guy and very humble. The first monarchist I really like :-)

Darius Kadivar

JAHANSHAH Will you pass by Paris ? .0)

by Darius Kadivar on


I would like to see you if you pass by ? Let me know. Darius


LOw bLOW - Chera Beahaet Bar-khord Aqya Johonshah

by Forest Gardner (not verified) on

Johansha Javid,

I am disappointed in you JJ.

However, do not expect me to silence my voice on the political issues …

I will send an e-mail if you want to chat
one on one


Do strangers say those things?

by Nassery (not verified) on

We have been studying European Art History for several years preparing to visit Europe. Are strangers making these anti American comments out of the blue? A friend studied French and went to Paris and the shop girls were saying nasty things about her in French.

I have no desire to spend hard earned money to be insulted. I think I'm going to tell my husband that I just won't go.



Jahanshah: Pictures take

by Frustrated (not verified) on

Jahanshah: Pictures take forever to load. You have to do something about the speed.


From "Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge"

by Rainer Marie Rilke (not verified) on

I think I am beginning to see. Yes, I am finally learning to see... I think that I ought to begin to do some work, now that I am learning to see. ..One ought to wait and gather sense and sweetness a whole life long, and a long life it possible, and then, quite at the end, one might perhaps be able to write ten lines that were good. For verses are not, as people imagine, simply feeling (those one has early enough), - they are experiences. for the sake of a single verse, one must see many cities, men and things, one must know the animals, one must feel how the birds fly and know the gesture with which the little flowers open in the morning. One must be able to think back to roads in unknown regions, to unexpected meetings and to partings one had long seen coming; to days of childhood that are still unexplained, to parents whom one had to hurt when they brought one some joy and one did not grasp it (it was a joy for someone else); to childhood illnesses that so strangely begin with such a number of profound and grave transformations, to days in rooms withdrawn and quiet and to mornings by the sea, to the sea itself, to seas, to nights of travel that rushed along on high and flew with all the stars - and it is not yet enough if one may think of all this. One must have memories of many nights of love, none of which was like the others, of the screams of women in labor, and of light, white, sleeping women in childbed, closing again. But one must also have been beside the dying, must have sat beside the dead in the room with the open window and the fitful noises. And still it is not yet enough to have memories. One must be able to forget them when they are many and one must have the great patience to wait until they come again. For it is not yet the memories themselves. Not till they have turned to blood within us, to glance and gesture, nameless and no longer to be distinguished from ourselves - not till then can it happen that in a most rare hour the first word of a verse arises in their midst and goes forth from them. Hamsafar...weltbummler....traveller... abadani boy with dog...


you missed the boat

by noghli (not verified) on

It feels good to ride one in nice weather. I liked 110, and 132.