Photo essay: A place where Iranians can make their own image

by Haleh Anvari
AKSbazi.com is a place where Iranians can make their own image from the inside as opposed to being looked at from the outside. Anyone with any level of interest in photography can join the themed galleries that open regularly on the site. The site went live in March 2009. In the year since our games started, over 1000 users have registered. Over 800 photographs have been uploaded to our galleries. These Photographs depict Iranians, their psyche and their environment in completely new ways. An interactive exhibition on BAHAR at the British Museum in London as part of Magic Of Persia’s Norouz event. You can follow the day’s events live, via Twitter by following us on: Twitter.com/AKSbazi. Or see the photos and add your own comments on our page on Facebook. -- Haleh Anvari

Jahanshah Javid

Made my day

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is a wonderful website. Great idea, design and implementation. And of course the photographs are the best part. Great collection.



by yolanda on

Thank you for #38, the mosquito net. I used it when I was young. I have not seen one for many many years!


Thank you!

by 11mashty on

This is refreshing, creative, inclusive, totally different and artistic.  Thank you for providing such an effective outlet and the beauty that accompanies it.