Ahmadinejad... the footballer?

A photo from 1976

by Jahanshah Javid
I received an email from "S.K." with a photo of a football team. The subject line said "Ahmadinejad dar sal 1354" (Ahmadinejad in 1976) I don't know if that's Ahmadinejad in the team photo or not, but sure looks like him. If you know anything about this team, drop us a line and tell your story.

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Pictures #. .....

by Majid on

Pictures 2 , 5 , 12 very well could be him, I'm not sure about the rest .


they all look like him!

by Anonymous on

bunch of fuzzy young faces. who can tell?


Give the guy a break.

by پیام on

Although I disagree with lots of points Ahmadinejad stands for, I don't think that ridiculing the president of our country ( I know; he does not represent Iranians, merely the Iranian neo-cons) will solve our problems.


Ahmadinejad Rocks

by wagramus on

Ahmadinejad is the man.


It could be him...

by azadikhah on

   In a tv profile of him, once, they showed a studio portrait of Ahmaghinejad from before the revolution and he appears clean-shaven, not to mention that he wore a red 70's wide-open shirt.Plus the fact that he's been seen playing soccer last year and that he was about 20 years old in '76, this could reasonably be him in this picture.


 There in the Simorgh's radiant face they saw

Themselves, the Simorgh of the world-with awe

They gazed, and dared at last to comprehend

They were the Simorgh and the  journey's end.



by sk on

I got this picture as a forwarded email, and thought of it as very
interesting. Obviously PIC Foot002 is supposed to be AhmadiNejad (without the beard). If you remember he
did show a lot of interest in the Iranian National Soccer Team during the last
World Cup and prior to it during qulifications. He even went to their training and kicked the ball around a bit (he wasn't too bad actually - one could tell he'd played before). He held
audience with the team and even gave them a few pointers....!






President Ahamdinejad looks like an orangutan,this guy doesn't!?

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on

We need an expert in apes and an anthropologist to resolve this issue...

Darius Kadivar

I wonder which one is Adolf ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

LOL it looks that he is the only one without an Islamic looking beard. Not even a Hitler Like Moustache which is strange ...



I'm sure the Bush Administration is "investigating"

by Q on

this possiblity as we speak!