Iranian Athletes Left Out of World Competitions

International Olympic Committee sanctions IRI for interfering


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Have you been around

by nojanthegreat on

Have you been around lately ? Iran’s Olympic team performed all time high in the London Olympics ( 2012 ). The Iran Olympic team stand tall. ( ranking 17 , and 12 for Paralympics) Many medal were received by Iranian athletes in both Olympic and Paralympics. Now I clearly understand that we could have gain better result and management on part of the Olympic committee was week and did not provide the athletes with the best training and facilities, but irons sport is far from destruction. Every year that pass Iranian sportsman will surprise us with their abilities to gain global respect.

I am also against political use of sport by international committee. The similar action were taken in place with FIFA.

We can fix this problem by starting strong athletes union who can help them get what they want from government. Private sector also need to be involved and provide money for the committee so they can also be involved in decision making.

I personally don’t care if the head of the committee is or was part of military or IRG as long as they have good management skills and they can provide good result.


What Incompetence

by delldaar on

of this bunch of monkeys has to do with previous regime..get over with Pahlavis, you need to come up with an excuse for these idiots, who have destroyed sport in Iran

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Organized sports and sporting events are the best apparatus for crowd control and mass psychological thing.......let's call it 'thing' and get it over my one questioned His dead Majesty's policy of appointing the retired army generals to the top positions of athletic federations ....His opium-addicted half-brother, the garbage Gholamreza, was the top guy of the National Olympics Committee.............and no one wonders why..............

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Why not have the IRI Sepah and Basij officials head the sports?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

This is not fair ... IRI torturers and murderers are fully qualified to head the sports departments!