Iran says saboteurs cut power to nuclear plant

U.N. nuclear watchdog "may have been infiltrated by terrorists and saboteurs"

Reuters: Power lines to Iran's most controversial nuclear enrichment plant were blown up a month ago, according to its atomic energy chief, who alleged on Monday that the U.N. nuclear watchdog may have been infiltrated by "terrorists and saboteurs". The accusation coincides with strident Israeli warnings about the need to stem Iran's nuclear program with a threat of force, as well as new diplomatic efforts to secure better inspections and an abandonment of work that could be used to develop atomic weapons >>>


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I am not saying Iran should be invaded

by Liberated on

No Iranian should wish that. The prospect is frightning.

However the mullahs need to be forced by sanctions and sabatoge of this evil program. otherwise there will be no hope for future for Iranians. 

Mullas dont care about Palestinans or Iranians.  They only care about power and survival and oh the oil money.




Didn't Iraq's nuclear ambition stop?

by Demo on

Did or didn't Iraq's nuclear ambitions?! stop after it was invaded by we know who in 2003? That country surely didn't become another North Korea, but we all know who has been raping & killing Iraqis to death since then. Or do we?


IRI nuclear ambitions need to be stopped

by Liberated on

Or Iran will be no different than North Korea where the world will be too frightened to question these Barbarics treatment of Iranian people.  In isolation they will continue to rape Iran and Iranians to death.



by fullback on

The Islamist Occupiers of Iran are the Most savage terrorist of them all. How dare you piece of Dog Sh.t call anyone a Terrorist and sabature. how can one expect a gang of Occupiers get the know how and be able to produce a nuclear device??? for the past 34 years the Islamist Occupiers of Iran`s existance have been soley, hostage taking and killing of Iranians and anyone opposing them. YOU ARE AN OCCUPYING GANG. The ENTIRE WORLD IS SICK OF YOUR ANTICS and soon you will end up where you belong, in a a Crap Pot Of History (Toilet).


With rampant corruption and double standards….

by Bavafa on

At IAEA, one wonders if there is really any usefulness to the NTP treaty.  We see nations that have never signed up to the treaty receiving ample support and help in their nuclear program, which is against the spirit and intention of the treaty.  At least three of them, Pakistan, India and Israel armed with nuclear arsenal, are receiving both financial and technical support for their nuclear program. 

With ample evidence that IAEA has become a tool for the big powers to implement their foreign policy and with such violations and double standards, one wonder if Iran should still stay in the treaty.


Is it time for Iran to pull out of this charade.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




Light some Candles!

by Faramarz on


Stop complaining, get the candles out!


If you got nothing to hide

by Fred on

The Messianic Islamist Rapists have to open all their sites, any site that IAEA inspectors wish to inspect, without delay.

The Messianic Islamist Rapists have to stop enriching as ordered by UNSC.

The Messianic Islamist Rapists have to hand over to the sane world all the illegally enriched uranium they’ve amassed.

Failure to do so means they got something to hide.