Iran Prepares Launch Of National Internet

42,000 government offices will have their internet networks transferred

Radio Zamaneh: Reza Taghipour, the Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, has announced that Iran’s “National Internet” will operate nationwide starting next week. The Mehr News Agency reported that, according to the Communications and IT Minister, the National Internet or the National Information Network will be launched in all government offices. About 42,000 government offices will have their internet networks transferred to the national network,” Taghipour said >>>


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by fullback on

is This so called IT same as the jet planes and other Ko.EH sher these Islamic occupiers keep Ranting about??? I am waiting to see some of thiese hardwear and Softwear they claim they have created in Action, remember over 10 years ago the Islamist occupiers of Iran claimed they have a found THE CURE for AIDS, I was hoping for this cure , I saw it as Self distructive for these Islamist garbage.

Dr. Mohandes

Hozeh- IC direct interface

by Dr. Mohandes on

But come on AO jan...let's look at the bright side man. I tend to be an optimist, of the kind who always sees the full half of the tequilla bottle! and what i am observing here is that despite all the cunnigness  and crookedness and chivalry that is associated with this project, you and i and everyone else for that matter would get to communicate direcltly with our "bro's" on this side of the pond (the shallow side). 

You may even have the chance to peek into their minds and get a feel of how they come up with the BS, and what really goes on in there.

Be loud and be proud. they know what they are doing, I am telling you And all these "fans" that are cheering their efforts here, they have applied for jobs with various organization inside iran, i know because i have seen and read their applications:)

I guess you could say things are about to get veryyy shitty! 


Mental Penury and Crank Obsession

by kujirasan on

Even losers have to have a minimum intelligence to realize they have lost the game.

 When people wholly give themselves to lies, intelligence completely deserts them , all mad people tend to be astonishingly sane, till they embark on their  idée fixe or crank obsession. 

The preoccupation of this person with Baha’i verges on sheer derangement!   Its IP is located  in North America, wonder if they hate US so much;  why the live there, or go their best to go there! 


Anonymous Observer

It will be 24/7 Rozeh

by Anonymous Observer on

every search and click will end up at the Hozeyeh Elmiyeh.  Incidentally, not too long ago, the IR tried to develop a virus similar to the Flame or the Stuxnet viruses that were launched against it.  It let it loose on the net, presumably to target Israel, etc.  The virus though was so poorly written that it was discovered and confronted within hours, with the trace easily leading to Iran.  Apparently, the moron who had deveopled it had "forgotten" to take off the telltale signatures.  

That's what you get for having Basiji "sahmiyeh" students at your universities.  So, I can't wait to see what this new IR technological marvel has in store for humanity. :-)

iraj khan

It Would

by iraj khan on

be interesting to know how this new secure network has been put together.

Also, it shows Iranians are creating their own version of networks due to sanctions and it's happening in many fields. They have long passed the 'Naseredin Shah and his wives' era. They've gone through Ghajar, Pahlavi and Velayat Faghih periods and have ended up here technologically.

Technologically speaking it's not a bad thing.


The major reason for this is not limiting people alone

by Thought on

They have a plan to censor everything, that's true but the real reason for rushing this project is to put all sensetive data away from the world. Bye Bye Viruses sending info out.


Mr./Mrs. Maryamjoon

by yaar on

American kids, whoever feeds them, are not doing too bad. They make medicines that you love when it is needed. they make cars, they make planes, they make apple product, they come up with facebook and Google, they came up microprocessors, they gave you your cell phones.........Muslim kids love to come to America and go to their universities. what have you done  for humanity recently? of course i am not talking about Evin, Rejaee shar.. Executions, cutting off limbs....


Even losers have to have a minimum intelligence to realize they have lost the game.


What they are actually saying is ...

by MaryamJoon on

... or perhaps trying to do ... is to do away with the same toxic nonsense Hollywood Zionists feed American kids everyday.  

I'm not surprised.  I wouldn't be surprised if something like that started happening in other countries too.   


Peshgle to replace Google!

by Faramarz on



Launch of Photoshop Internet!

Move over Google!

The home-grown search engine is called Peshgle!


After successful completion of this project…

by Bavafa on

IRI will start by shutting down all electricity and power, moving to candle and kerosene.  Let’s march on this backwardness full speed.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamist Barbarians

by Fred on

No matter what the Messianic Islamist Rapists, "reformers"
and all do, Iranians will find a way to let the sane world know of the crimes these weaponized nuke acquiring  Islamist Rapists are committing in Iran.