Do Israelis 'heart' attacking Iran?

Trita Parsi on news panel

al Jazeera: How likely is an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear programme and will Israel's public back a unilateral attack?


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FATI joon

by shushtari on

enghadr hers nakhor......chadoret pare mishe LOL

don't worry Fred and I are not zionists, although that's what you like to call everyone who hates your beloved akhoonds 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

has a nice tan. I also liked his informal attire in this interview but his mind is sharp as ever and he speaks clearly.

Mr Trita Parsi you can always speak on my behalf when it come to matters of War and Peace.

Peace and diplomacy is the way. 

Soosan Khanoom

What's the matter Shushtari aka sarbaz e Imam Fred

by Soosan Khanoom on

couldn't Fred just answer that? I need another round of detoxification lecture by him. Can't wait for the deep sea diving and all the exotic kosher adventures in the medetrians ..




shushtari you are correct about filthy IRI

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Yours and other Iranians Criticism is of Very little value in getting a resolution to Iranian issues and their human rights.  Please Read my post below.  Until "those benefitting the most from IRI" and those who supported them to power and help keep them in power today are not challenged, your criticism are a waste of time. 

How is it that so many Iranians criticize the IRI extremist for having such stupid and neanderthal type thinking, when they themselves are so similar and show in their writing that they not much more understanding or nuanced to fit with the reality of the situation?

And that is why politics works like a charm, you have one group of people "politicians" acting above the awareness of another group "public and antellectuals" so many have too much difficulty even comprehending what josh fatal was saying, the role of the usa, uk, france, israel against human rights and basic decency.  You only see the savagery in the IRI not the savagery of the west in this process.

Because of this we see Irans intellectuals being humilated and shown as niave and pitiful by groups which comprmise the IRI who have no electoral prospects but have
considerable street power and the west uses intellectuals niavity to expand the
influence of extremists. Because it is the USA, France, UK and Israel that are opposed to Iran being an island of stability, with peace, progress and human rights as Iranians enjoyed with the late shah. the west are the ones who have an interest in destabilising the governments of the middle east using these criminals.

And so where is your praise for the late Shah and your condemnation of the west for continuously implemeting this policy and distracting people from the real issue?  Indeed where are Iranian intellectuals?  I'll tell you where, discovering they don't even know the definition of a law abiding king!  Let alone the definition of dictator, despot or tyranny.  God help the unwise.


sunken Credibility

by kujirasan on

What a name for a Khazali Arab from Ahwaz,  unfortunately he urinated his credibility up the wall , curtsy of his stolen laptop! 



Death to the Iranian regime

by asadabad on

there will not be any chance for peace in the region as long as persia is ruled by the fanatic genocidal shia terrorists.

the shia terror entity provides not only weapons to the assad regime, but it also sends irgc thugs to syria to help murder innocent civilians, including children.

the genocide in syria could not take place without the resolute and constant help of the shia terror entity.


fati khanoom

by shushtari on

and the rest of the bache akhoonds are out on force- once again for clown parsi....

this paid stooge is a disgrace with his lopsided weak goatee......

of course we are all to believe the mullahs are always the victims- no, they haven't killed hundreds of thousands of iranians, assassinated thousands of americans and created multiple terrorist groups.....they are angels on earth....

can't wait until these fools are in hell- I wonder what you west residing groupies will do then 


Josh Fattal was amazing.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We need to get these religous backed groups out of politics in Israel, the USA and Iran, these benefit and get strengthened by wars that make us all collateral damage.  Shame on ISRAEL and the USA, The UK and FRANCE for their Involvement and politics of using extremist religious groups they bring and keep in power so that the west can start a war on these weaker, misled and corruptly run countries, in order to profitably to harm and inflict wounds on the people of these countries.  And keeping them thwarted disfunctioning powers.  

The NUKE ISSUE Has Nothing to do with NUKES or Freedom, it is about Neo-Colonialism. I clearly explain what they have been doing for 33 years!

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

has to take a stand against the fascist Netanyahu and the U.S. media that gives him free access to lie.

Challenge False Information that promote his Zio-Nazist propaganda against Iran, click here and register your opposition:


Thank you.


Nuke firsters want the IRI

by vildemose on

Nuke firsters want the IRI to have nukes...They couldn't care less about Iran. As long as Palestine is liberated and Iranians are fighting the great satan in hopes of defeating American imperialism... The hell with Iran..Nuke firsters are anti-nationalists.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Dr. Mohandes

come on Trita

by Dr. Mohandes on

Do your famous table dance man!

we want to see your Judge bates dance know the one that says: ohh judge bates, you are so going to get some of this:) 


IC's No Nuke Neocon!

by Demo on

"As Obama has said, Islamist Rapists have a “weaponized “nuke program, They must be stopped."

Isn't that the same thing Bush & Chainy were saying about Iraq? Yes, they did. And after the death of 500,000 Iraqis' infants through 11 years of 'backbreaking airtight sanctions,' those 2 terrorists together with another terrorist, Blair, invaded Iraq, raping, maiming and murdering hundreds thousands of Iraqis men, women and children to find the non-existing WMD there & to bring them the dmocracy by a regime change! Well, that is exactly what the Fred, Inc. is wishing for our country & for our people! 


No nuke for IRR...

by Bavafa on

but 200+ nukes for TMOI (The Messianic Occupying Israel) is OK!!!!

For some hypocrisy has no bound.

A nuclear free Middle East is the only viable and just solution.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

Fred, United states of Israel has one list only and that is

by Soosan Khanoom on

the ' to do list' which Iran is already on it ... 

But I am not sure about the Terrorist list should Iran or IRR be on it ? ... Hmmm let me think many warships have the Iranian got parked in the Gulf…. of Mexico?..How many nukes have Iranian got aimed at the world? about the thousand  Iranian military bases around the world? many helpless nations did the Iranian air force drop freedom and democracy bombs? many nations have the Iramian military invaded in recent history? many innocents have Iranian drones killed?  Oh yes...indeed it's pretty obvious these Iranians should be on the Terroist list ... 

First Amendment

"No nuke for IRR"

by First Amendment on

Nuclear technology is our national right and legal property, regardless of the regime's there to stay.......Get used to it............that's the only way for dealing with the fact.................


Iran is travelling down a road

by mahmoudghaffari on

the end of which is surgical strikes.  thousands will die for sure, but they are the basij and militia thugs who otherwise would kill the rest of us to stay in power, like this clown Parsi.  so better the US and Israel remove this tumor called the Islamic Rapist regime from Iran, that face dire consequence of a glopbal holocaust at the hands of the rapists in Iran.


No nuke for IRR

by Fred on

The Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, cannot be allowed to have nuke or capability to have nuke.

As Obama has said, Islamist Rapists have a “weaponized “nuke program, They must be stopped.

To avoid war, regime change through backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.

BTW, has NIAC lobby relented on its stand to not have the Messianic Islamist Rapists’ “Revolutionary Guard” added to the U.S. Terrorist list?