Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats

Views Iran "the most significant threat to global peace and security"

CBC: Canada has suspended diplomatic relations with Iran and is expelling Iranian diplomats from Canada, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced in a statement today. "Canada has closed its embassy in Iran, effective immediately, and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada," Baird said in a statement. Those diplomats must leave within five days. "Canada’s position on the regime in Iran is well known. Canada views the Government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today."

The statement cited Iran's support for the Assad regime in Syria and failure to comply with UN resolutions on its nuclear program, and its threats against Israel. The statement also makes reference to Iran's "blatant disregard" of the Vienna Convention that guarantees the protection of diplomatic personnel >>>



Canada closed three other Embassy in the ME

by Souri on

Canada just closed its Embassy in Egypt, Sudan and Libya.


The subject was your commitment to ruling mullahs,not mosa

by Shirzadegan on

As a reminder I mentioned name of that gentleman under user nmae of Mosa. I have sharp memory and remember whatever discussed in herre as far as I am concerned. Now, what happened to the blog about the man whom you knew and he was imprisoned and tortured by stinky ruling mullahs in Iran? How come you never mentioned anything about him, instead you focused on Mosa? How about Zahra Kazemi? or Nasrin sootodeh? I said many things in my comment. None has been addressed except Mosa. Why is that? How about blood money of Neda and Sohrab? I said any decent person with clear concious never sell his/her people to a bunch of Islamic thugs. How could possibly that person can enjoy that money.? I said the money which is received from those monsters are blood money of thousand and thousand Iranians who lost their sweet lives in combat with Islamic devil. How about that ? how about the letter I advised you to write to stinky mullahs and inform  them you're no longer able to cooperate with them because of medical reason.?  you said "kas nakharad poshte man joz nokhon e angoshte man". In respond I advised you ask from Iranian community for help. I am sure they can find job for you.  Take side with your people. Let's Iran history judge you as a "Good Person".


yeahhh!!, I remember now

by مآمور on

how could I forget Mosa67?? he is gone and never came back??

I, actually, learned some thing from him, if my head gets too high , I shall dive into a swimming pool!! that is why I m here or it is the first reason for singing up at IC?? I can also tell u what I think, if u want me to, but i mnt much into politics!!

U find millions of pages on any political matter but one funny comment, which is nicely personal is hard to find!! that is why Mosa was good!!

thanks for the memory

 I wear an Omega watch


To sharpen your memory... I have to explain it all

by Shirzadegan on

There was a discussion between you and Mosa67. The discussion was about a tour to Iran. I came in the middle of conversation. I mentioned that I would like to join the tour to take you guys to the cemetary of Behesht e Zahra, where thousands of Iranian put in silence by Islamic monsters. I said, in the tour I would like to mention that our virgin sisters were being raped the night before their execution. I advised you if you are on payroll by mullahs you have to know that money you're receiving is a "blood money" of those who lost their sweet lives for free Iran. I said :how could possibly any decent person with clear conscious can enjoy that money? I mentioned that is the "blood money" of people like Neda, Sohrab... etc. you said "kas nakharad poshte man, joz nakhone angoshe man". I said :you can find the job through Iranian business in your area. Just write a letter to stinky mullahs in Tehran and tell them for some medical reason you are not able to continue to work for them. I even mentioned that if you need any help in writing the letter, please let me know, I will be more than happy to help. Never heard anything afterward. I was under impression you already wrote the letter till I saw the blog with Islamic monster passport picture. Immediately,  I learned that you still continue that dirty work. Then I mentioned about the dirty money which is blood money of people who lost their lives for freedom in Iran. I mentioned That is not clean money. That is blood money of Zahra Kazem. I also mentioned about Nasrin sootodeh. I said how come you never write anything about them? You said you didn't know those people, but know someone who were prisoned and tortured in Islamic jail. Of course. you were afraid to say it as clear as I am saying right now, but the content implied that you're in process of writing blog for someone who were tortured and he was a man,not women since you don't know Zahra Kazemi, or nasrin sootodeh!!!! living in Canada and don't know Zahra Kazemi.!!!! another hint !!. Anyway, i never saw that blog you promised to write about mullahs torturing Iranians. I am still waiting for that blog.

    I think you have to write the medical letter first, then start to write about that guy in prison, If ever you decide to write.... I hope you this piece sharpen your memory and remind you that I am still waiting.



ببخشید! معنی 'کس نخارد پشت من جز ناخن انگشت من' چیست؟؟


I wear an Omega watch


why you're denying what you said previously. ?

by Shirzadegan on

تو گفتی‌ کس نه خارد پشت من جز ناخن

انگشت من. گفتم که مشاغل ایرانی‌ در کانادا زیاد است به راحتی‌ میتوانی

کار با کمک ایرانی‌‌ها پیدا کنی‌


that is exactly why I called myself Mamoor

by مآمور on

what money? what blood?? who got them? me?

I work for a big Canadian company and that is where my income comes from!!

as far as the name mamor goes, I predictated that I would get accused to be mamor as soon as I express my opinions on the matters!! I just had a good intention to make lives of people just like easier!!

I m not responsible for the dramatic death of Neda in any shape and form, I dont even answer propaganda by another propaganda when it comes to her death!! let's just god bless her

Using death of innocent people to make a political point is a business and it is booming , the more get killed, the more coverage and news in bbc, cnn, press tv.........

yes brother, I dont get paid by blood's money!!


I wear an Omega watch


مامور عزیز


مامور عزیز

آیا حرف‌های "‌خرس" را شندید.  من که از

مدت‌ها قبل گفتم که یک نامه به این آخوند های

بوگندو و جنایتکار بنویس و بگو که به علت ناراحتی‌

پز شگی حاضر به همکاری با اون‌ها نیستی. گفتم که به گذار که

تاریخ ایران در مورد تو خوب قضاوت کند. به طرف مردم بیا.

اون پول پول خون ندا است. تو گفتی‌ کس نه خارد پشت من جز ناخن

انگشت من. گفتم که مشاغل ایرانی‌ در کانادا زیاد است به راحتی‌ میتوانی

کار با کمک ایرانی‌‌ها پیدا کنی‌. اگر اون موقع به حرف من گوش کرده بودی حالا

این همه فحش از آقای ‌خرس نمی‌‌شنیدی.  


سوری خانم ببخشید


راستش! من در زندگی واقعی نه تنها لات نیستم بلکه بسیار سربراه هستم!! میگی نه!! از عیالم بپرس!!
نمیذونم چرا تو اینترنت که میام یک دفعه فکر میکنم ناصر ملک مطیعی شده​ام و دنبال داش قیصر میگردم؟؟
از اینکه شلوغ کردم و به قول بچه​ها محل آپاچی بازی در آوردم معذرت میخواهم. همانطور که خودتان فرمودید بستن کنسول گری ایران(سفارت و سفیر خیلی وقت است که تعطیل شده) جنبه تبلیغاتی دارد که آن هم خودش هوچی گری است!!
مامور از خانه خودش در کانادا این خطوط را مینویسد!!

I wear an Omega watch


Islamist Rapist Chaador chaghcool

by Manam_Babak on

I wonder where are these Islamist Rapist chador chaghcholi haa are going to take a break from Hijab now. They used to go to Canada to wear western civilized cloth for a short period of time, now they can even go there. Mybe that is why Not so Joon is crying about. One would feel sorry for her and her basij's sisyers.


Long live Zoroastrianism, Baha’i, Judaism, and Christians in


"Closure of House of Islamist parasites in Ottawa"...Great news!


Most likely items found in this place may include hundreds of aftabeh, doolcheh, mohr & jaa namaz, playboy magazines, and other religious and ritual items. I hope the Canadian authorities confiscate and display these items to the public for what these IRR pedophiles are all about!

Shlomo would love to wee in aftaeh and hand it to an IRR thug to perform vozoo for namaz!


Great news for Iranian-Canadians - Part 2

by Pahlevan on

Closure of House of Islamist parasites in Ottawa is great news for Iranian-Canadians. Islamists have been intimidating Iranian diaspora in Canada through their network supported by the house of parasites in Ottawa. They have been trying to spread their filthy propaganda in Canada for several years now. Any decent Iranian-Canadian would be happy about this news. The only people who are upset are those who are being financially supported  by IRI in Canada and other west-residing Islamist parasites. Their angry comments on this page is only a stamp of approval on this decision made by the Canadian government.


بچه‌ها گوش کنید.....


شما ها  منو یاد اون لمپن‌های زمان انقلاب میندازین که همش تو خیابون
داد و فریاد میکردن، انقدر شلوغ میکردن که نه اصلا میشد فهمید چی‌ میگن، و
نه میشد باهاشون حرف زد چونکه گوششون بدهکار هیچ حرفی‌ نبود.

ببینین، من اصلا از بستن سفارت ناراحت نیستم. ولی‌ نمی‌فهمم دلیل ان‌همه خوش‌حالی‌ چیه؟

اصلا آیا اساس و اصولی در افکار شما هست؟ یا اصلا بهتر بگم، افکاری در کار هست یا خیر؟

سفارت ایران رو در کانادا بستن، خوب به شما چه؟ چه نفی واسه شما داره؟

فکر می‌کنین که کانادا به خاطر همبستگی‌ با شما اینکارو کرده؟

پدرتون رو بیامرزه. زهرا کاظمی رو در ایران کشتن و کانادا هیچ کاری نکرد.
بعد از جریان جنبش سبز که سیل پناهندگان سیاسی به کانادا سرازیر شد، با
ان‌همه پرونده در سازمان ملل و در سازمان بین المللی حقوق بشر، باز هم
کانادا روابط دیپلماسیش رو با ایران قطع نکرد.

حالا شما‌ها به جای
اینکه برید دنبال اصل قضیه که ریشه و دلیل این امر رو پیدا کنید، نشستید
پشت کامپیوتر‌هاتون هی‌ واسه یک سری دارین لغز میخونین و متلک میندازین؟ که
چی‌ ؟

حوصله خودتون از ان‌همه لمپن بازی سر نرفت؟ والله به خدا من
که خجالت می‌کشم وقتیکه میام این چرت و پرت‌های که نوشتین میخونم. شما‌ها
مثلا روشنفکر‌های این مملکت هستین که تو یک کشور دموکراتیک دارین زندگی‌
می‌کنین. این چرت و پرت‌ها چیه که مینویسین؟ آفتابه و سیخ کباب چی‌ چیه؟
اینها به  هر ایرانی میتونه مربوط باشه، فقط که مختص کارمندان سفارت نیست.
در ضمن، نه اینکه بخوام دلتونو بشکنم ها، ولی‌ اصلا فکر نمیکنم کسی‌ اینجا
با پاسپورت دیپلماتیک ایران زندگی‌ کنه. اینا همه حرف‌های توخالی واسه دل
خوشکنک شماهاست. کارمندای سفارت همه مقیم کانادا هستند و یا شاید حتّی
تابعیت کانادا رو هم داشته باشند.  فکر نمیکنم اصلا کسی‌ مجبور باشه که به
ایران برگرده، . اما اینو هم بگم که برای جاسوسی کردن برای دولت، اینها هیچ
احتیاجی ندارن که توی سفارت کار بکنن.

خلاصه کلام اینکه: سفارت ایران رو در کانادا بستن؟ خوب به شما چه؟ چه نفی به شما می‌رسه؟

ایرج خان: خیلی‌ ممنون از اینکه سعی‌ کردید یک مسیر منطقی‌ به این بحث بدید،
ولی‌ مثل اینکه گوششون بدهکار نیست. همینطوری هی‌ میان واسه سرو صدا کردن و
فحش دادن به حریفان خیالی خودشون که فکر میکنن مأمورای دولت ایران در
کانادا هستن که میان اینجا توی این سایت با اینا سر به سر میذارن. یکی‌
نیست بگه بابا، مریم جون که از امریکاست، فراشگر هم که از استرلیاست، مأمور
عزیز هم که گویا از امریکاست.....فقط میمونه فرست امندمنت و من. والله ما
هم مأمور نیستیم وگرنه اصلا نمیومدیم اینجا که با شما‌ها سر به سر بذاریم.
پاشین از جلو کامپیوتر‌هاتون برین یه جای دیگه ، شاید اونجا چیزی از سیاست
سر دربیارین.

شب همگیتون خوش.

پا نوشت_ در ضمن من هرچی‌ گشتم، هیچ رابطه‌ای بین خانم افشین‌جم و  بستن سفارت در اتاوا پیدا نکردم. نمیدونم ان‌همه کفّ زدن‌ها و درود گفتن‌ها به
کارلا برونی ایرانی‌، به چه دلیل  بود؟ ایشون در کجای این فیلم، نقش داشت
که ما ندیدم؟


Seems like a Sepah connection in Canada

by Pahlevan on

The video you posted seems more like a Sepah connection in Toronto. The kind of people that will be weeded out by closing of the house of the parasites in Ottawa.


Here are some real Iranian Canadians:







I buy my flag from little Persia!

by Pahlevan on

The biggest Iranian Plaza in Toronto is located near the intersection of Yonge & Steeles streets. The non-Iranian locals call this area little Persia because it's largest concentration of Iranian immigrants in Canada. It's in a sense the cultural hub of Iranian-Canadians and where you can get information about all the Iranian events happening in Canada. I proudly shop at little Persia and the fact that west-residing Islamist parasites like you dislike this place goes to show how anti-Iranian you are and how great this place is ... Congrats!

First Amendment

"Great news for Iranian-Canadians"

by First Amendment on

اون اپوزیسیونی که پرچمش رو از بقالی بخره، به درد همون جیگرکی‌های تورنتو و لس آنجلس می‌خوره...


عجب محشری شده، عجب به جلز و ولز افتادن !!!


یکی‌ به این مزدوران اطلاعاتی‌ بگه: خوب، کامپیوترت رو بردار ببر ایران از همون‌جا شاخ و شونه بکش، به ایرانیان ضّد رژیم منفور اسلامی تهمت و افترا بزن و فحش خواهر مادر بده و از حق مسلم ارباب‌های ادمکشت برای بمب هسته‌ای شعار تو خالی‌ بده! اون زیر تنبونی آخرین مدل حاجی خانوم رو هم بذار دست این چپی‌ قلابی!  از محل کارم در وال مارت یا هر جای دیگه که میگفتی‌  می‌خرم برات با پست سفارشی میفرستم!


Iraj khan if we can make it so can the Iranian Canadians

by anglophile on

Remember the Brits kicked them out first ;0)


Great news for Iranian-Canadians

by Pahlevan on

In the largest Iranian Plaza in Toronto, there are two large supermarkets; the owner of one is a monarchist and the owner of the other one is anti-monarchist, but the only flag both supermarkets sell is the lion-and-sun flag ... That's what unites us Iranian-Canadians: Opposition to Islamofascism, Islamist bigotry, backwarded khomeinist ideology, fascistic anti-woman laws, Islamist terrorism, shitte fascism, and other filthy and backward notions that IRI stands for [Read More] ...

The only group that's not happy with this news are the west-residing Islamist parasites, and that's a good thing!


IRR releases Pastor Naderkhani! Is it IRR's sign of weakness!


IRR knows that this time it's serious. The shameless IRR strategists erroneously think that by releasing this man they can stop the already generated momentum behind the strike. 

IRR will be attacked in October 2012 as was predicted by Shlomo while ago!

Shlomo will build a Night Club called (Negev Oasis) in Tehran after IRR is gone!



by Akbarmashti on

 I don't want to get off the subject, but since you asked.

The reason Ahmadinejad suggested Israel should be wiped off Google map might be the overwhelming amount of documents and evidence that proves there was no Israel there, even if Israel rage wars hoping to get rid of billions of witnesses.

However, such comments could just be politics to force Israel to accepting 1967 borders.  This is easy to find out. Israel can take this generous offer then we will see. Don’t take me wrong, I hate what IRI has been doing to her own people, but that doesn’t change the truth or justify crimes committing by west and Israel.  


iraj khan

Embassy Closure, The first question to be asked is

by iraj khan on

How does it effect the lives of the ordinary Iranians who reside in Canada?

The following is written by 'Souri' who resides in Canada and I'm posting it here again: 

"For your information, the Iranian Embassy  in Ottawa, was no more a true Embassy , but it was only doing the small tasks as a Consulate, as the passport renewal and some other offical documents. Since 2007, they are doing nothing really important. All those important papers were issued in Tehran, not Ottawa. And also as much as I am informed, they don't intimidate the Iranian opposition. The staff are very polite and courteous.

On the other hand, the closure of the Canadian Consulate in Tehran, has a very negative effect on the life of the Iranian students and their parents."

I know we have many IC members who live in Canada, write your estimate of the changes regarding Iranian Canadians.


Don't bring aftabeh with you! Negev Desert has no water but


kolookh is abundant. Bring lots of lotions since you will be spending a lot of times under burning sun digging...!

Shlomo applies kolookh, it's inexpensive, abundant, and heals hemorrhoids fast!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به امیدِ خداوند،بعد از کانادا،نوبت آمریکا نیز فرا می‌‌رسد،دولتِ آمریکا نیز باید افرادی را که برای رژیمِ ضحّاکی اسلامی (و نهاد‌های وابسته،مستقیم و غیرِ مستقیم)  کار میکنند را شناسایی و از این کشور اخراج کند...اینها دستانی خونین دارند و همانی هستند که باید مجازات شوند.


فرامرز جان:

شنیدیم که عده‌ای از همین حالا به فرودگاه‌ها رفتند و از افرادی که شما فرمودید عکس میگیرند و فیلمبرداری میکنند،باید دید چه دسته نا خلفانی میتوانند سرزمینشان را به نا ایرانی اسلامیستی بفروشند !


عجب غلغله ای بشه تو فرودگاه تورنتو!




دو، سه روز دیگه تو فرودگاه تورنتو، یک مشت کور و کچل و چادری و ریش پشمی شکم گنده با بچه های دماغی و اره و اوره و شمسی کوره، دیگ و آفتابه و سه پایه شون رو تو چادر شب پیچیدن و غلغله ای بپا کردن!

برین که لیاقت آزادی و زندگی انسانی را ندارین! 

Oon Yaroo

And don't forget to take your aftabeh, seekh kabob, mangal ...

by Oon Yaroo on

vafoor, left over vagebee, ashura allam, ashura zanjeer and gahmeh, with you...and don't come back, you hear! The IRR embassy staff and supporters, that is!


If war breaks out, military

by Akbarmashti on

If war breaks out, military complex in West and some politicians on all sides will gain/win.  People from all sides will lose and suffer a lot.  At the very best, it will be a regional war and most likely it will turn into world war, effecting every country in the world, especially with food shortage resulting in mass starvations.  That is why certain politicians and military complex are pushing for wars.  1% enslaving 99%

Iran's comment about Israel going back to 1944 borders might have been just politics, so Israel accepts 1967 borders.   



While I agree that it is

by vildemose on

While I agree that it is in Israel's and the Palestinian's best interest to peacefully negotiate together a means by which Israel returns to the pre-1967 borders (or at least borders that are close to the pre-1967 borders),

...Indeed, I think radical Iranian hardliners much prefer the complete end of Israel than a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

 And this leads me to conclude that the Palestinian's greatest "enemy" isn't Israel. Instead, its the radical hardliners in Iran (among others elsewhere) who advocate a solution that the Palestinians could never successfully and peacefully negotiate with Israel who are the greatest enemy of the Palestinians.

This often is overlooked by most analysts. IRI never talks of a peaceful negotiation (give and take) or peaceful settlement or demands or conditions to end or resolve the Israeli-Palestinians conflict. Their solution is to completely remove Israel from the ME by any means possible.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


هی‌ جزّ و ولز کنید و درباره اسرائیل / فلسطین چرندیات بنویسید


چهار روز دیگه بیشتر نمونده.  با اردنگی بیرونتون کردند رفت.  زود جل و پلاستون رو جمع کنید، برید یه چند تا خرید لحظه آخر بکنید و گورتن رو گم کنید برگردید به بهشت جمهوری اسلامی.  برید اونجا اینقدر درباریه صهیونیست و امپریالیست عّر عّر کنید که جونتون در بیاد.  


Four More Days

by Faramarz on


With four days to go before you folks are kicked out of Canada, shouldn't you be shopping at Eaton Centre or applying for asylum?

Don't forget to grab some maple syrup and a six-pack of Moosehead!