Woman vs. Duck

Who will win?


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Iranians have a problem with pets and animals

by Fesenjoon2 on

No really, it's a pattern. Where else do you see something like this:


There is a reason Iran is now officially a shit-hole, with Iranians waddling in barbarism and ignorance.

This is Iran:


(notice the "marg bar amrica" at 1:43. Seriously.)

This is the civilized world:



Anonymous Observer

Dude, this is what I've devoted most of my adult life to--

by Anonymous Observer on

studying animal behavior.  I mainly study mammals-migration patterns, population issues, etc., but recently I've been doing some work on migratory birds, and especially migratory waterfowl (as part of my job).  I had done some work on them before in graduate school, but this is much more detailed. Fascinating animals.  The range the Canadian Geese can cover during migration is just astounding.  Complex family structure too.  Really interesting stuff. 

I'm telling you man, if we, as humans, had half the decency of animals....this world would have been a much different--and a much better place.  Anyway my friend, I'll see you tonight at our Tel Aviv apartment.

Dr. Mohandes

This is absolutely weird

by Dr. Mohandes on

The video has been disabeled by "request" and i could not for the life of me find this on the Youtube.

Alright Mr. AO...what are you doing here man? are you messing with something? :)))



thanks, explains it

by Truthseeker9 on

She should have been goosed instead.

Anonymous Observer

Most of these herd (or in this case flock) animals

by Anonymous Observer on

have very sophisticated social and territorial rules that most people really don't understand.  Most of their behavior and reactions result from those rules.  Not all geese live in large flocks, but most domestic ones do, and that's mainly a result of humans farming them for thousands of years.  Geese, in particular, can be very territorial.

I don't know what the old woman is afraid of, but it looks like the animal is just intrigued by all the noise she's making. 

PS-- not a really clear video, but I believe this to be a goose, not a duck.   


'consider this an infringement'

by Truthseeker9 on

LOL, Why is she so scared of it any way? 

Anonymous Observer

Animal abuse

by Anonymous Observer on

The poor bird is just curious.  It's attracted by all the noise she's making.  The more she screams, the more the goose wants to investigate.  Also, although it's unclear from the video, there may be a territorial aspect to it as well.  The goose may be living in that room and may consider this an infringement by the old woman.