ُTeam Melli: Defeats South Korea

10-man Iran defeats S. Korea in World Cup qualifier

Tehran Times: 10-man Iran beat Asian giant South Korea 1-0 in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday. Iran captain Javad Nekounam scored the winning goal with a shot from just outside the penalty area in the 75th minute. The Koreans were the better team in the first half and hit the bar twice. South Korea remains atop Group A with seven points on goal difference. Iran is second with seven points >>>


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Be positive my friend.. Be positive

by elmcoint on

Let's get together. Be constructive rather destructive. IRI has not come from the planet Mars to occupy Iran. IRI is made by Iranians and if there is going to be any changes it has to start within Iran; Not by you, not by me, not by outsiders like US and its allies.

Aziz del bradar. Be more positive. as you said, A win is A win. We are hopeful that all Iranian scholars and businessmen all over the world do the same thing that Jews did; Cut a deal for Iran and Iranians with the WEST. Nobody has occupied Iran, it is you who occupied your mind with unrealistic information. IRI can be modified or changed only by the will of Iranian people inside..As they did with Shah.


20 Million Toman Reward!

by Faramarz on



After the game each player received 20 million tomans which at today's exchange rate of 4,000 tomans to a dollar, it comes out to $5000.

Not bad!


Win Is A Win

by fullback on

As it has been said , the shame of it is the 90+K at the stadium seem to be obliviant to the Fact that our country is under the Occupation of the Islamist thugs and playing under the Filthy Flag brings shame to all Iranians.


مگر زن ها جماعت جذام دارن؟


خاک تو سره مملکتی که در ۱۰۰ هزار نفر یک  دونه زن نیست ..... واقعن خاک تو سره این مرد های ایرونی..... مگر زن ها جماعت جذام دارن؟


ماشالله به تیم ملی




به قول یک مفسر سرشناس "از کو* آوردیم!"

خوشبختانه شجاعی کارت قرمز گرفت و بازی بعدی محروم است!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بازی خیلی‌ قابلِ توجهی‌ از ایران را شاهد نبودیم اما چندی از بازیکنان چو  قوچان نژاد، شجاعی، دژاگه و نکونام تا اندازه‌ای حرفه‌ای و بهتر نشان دادند.هنوز کلی‌ از راه باقی‌ است و تیم ملی‌ ایران در جای دوم.