Satrapi's new film "Gang of the Jotas"

By the "Chicken with Plums" and "Persepolis" writer

Director's Marjane Satrapi comes "The Gang of the Jotas". Nils and Didier in the south of Spain to play in a badminton tournament. A manipulative mystery woman (Marjane Satrapi) is also en route to settle her score with the Spanish mafia. When they meet and exchange suitcases, all 3 of their lives take a dramatic turn, which involves Nils and Didier becoming her sidekicks.


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WoW! Marjane! Non! Non! Non!

by bahmani on

Warhol Lied! Jesus! How many 15 minutes of fame does one person get? Acting now? I thought her films were bad enough. What's next? Wait! I have it! "DJ-M-SatRAP-Remixed", an album of Rap-Punk Rock anthems sung and remixed to babakaram and bandari beats!

J'Accuse Marjane! J'Accuse! (Yaani, boro bacheh, baseteh!)

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