Owner: Most Expensive Car in Iran

Interviewed on state tv




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 Aghazadeh= Mafia family

intresting thing here is the Reporter who works for Seda va Sima  thefore is a Basiji and or Ex Pasdar, admits to the mafia families  existing in Iran , first question is  "Shoma Aghazadeh Hastin?" meaning, are you member of the Mafia family in Iran, The Driver responds  "no" . very intresting   



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I have no problem with people driving in great cars, hey I own an BMW X3 myself. But doing this in other countries where the average monthly salary is  < $1000 is just stupid. What does that prove? I pity the fool that wants to brag (indirectly) among poor people, it's respectless and naive... Also everybody knows in order to become rich in Iran you have to bribe people at some point...

Note that the car in this clip costs ~2 times more than it would in the west because of the tolls etc...


How ironic

by onlyinamrica on

Music from Godfather on the back ground. Mafiaso, get it you all ;)))


Quite a few here

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So, he's a rich real estate developer

by Onlyiran on

Nothing wrong with that.  We have them all over the world.  Iran is no exception.


what a jerk

by MRX on

that is all i could say about the driver. the rest other people pointed in their postings.


His clueless smirk

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His clueless smirk dadmizaneh ke aghazadeh hastesh.


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He should have been asked...

by Bavafa on

If he still get the standard monthly subsidies from governmentHow much taxes did he pay last year. 

I am a firm believer that in a [corrupt] system such as in Iran, one cannot be super wealthy as we see here unless


1-    S/he is corrupt and crook


2-    Involved with the regime


3-    Both


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