Khamenei attack on the West and homosexuality

Singles out British colonialism


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@ Kadivar

by fullback on

Khamanaie while at EVIN back in the days , went Greek , Chubani Style, that is why he is questioning west about Homosexuality. it is sort of de javou in a sick way


Well said LOL

by fullback on

Well said LOL



by fate on

The title of the video is biased and misleading. The crux of his speech has not been addressed in the title.


That's what I call self criticism

by divaneh on

An Akhond that criticises men doing it to each other.


He should pay a visit to Ghazvin!

by Faramarz on



ای رهبر هسته ای، دولا بشو خسته ای!


Ali Geda trying to divert attention

by Azarbanoo on

of besigies to others rather than problems at home.  Only fools& bastards, retards listen to his BS.


Why not talk about his ancestors ARABS

by Azarbanoo on

Who forced ISLAM & Arabic laguage on many countries and destroyed their identities.  At least English language helped Indians in many ways.


"Seyed" Ali has spoken

by choghok on

Unlike Arabs who by force change the religion of the people, and who wiped out civilizations the English actually build the infrastructure of their colonies, established order beside sucking the wealth of colonies. The English did not put titles like "Seyed" on their bastards either.


Khameneii is the wrong person to expose western domination

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Today Western Neo-Colonialism reaches its aims by supporting anti-secular extremists like Ali and Ruhollah, to intentionally thwart Democratic Development (though pretending that is what they are working for). Khameneii is no defender of Iranian Culture, but a crystal clear example of being a vicious traitor to Iranian Culture.  iranians are not opposed to practicing Iranian Culture or Modernization and Utilizing Sciences, nor are they opposed to the practice of greater democracy in government. 

What iranians are opposed to is anti-secular mullahs for opposing the following:  democratic evolution, modernization, use of sciences and the culture of iran which knows no chador, drinks wine, creates art like paintings of people and dances freely, loves nature and cares for creatures.



by Demo on



India is not a continent

by KingReza on

He called India a continent, this is not correct. 


I am still

by Raoul1955 on

Amazed by Iranian/Persian culture in which the audience [always] sits on the floor while their male leaders sit on chairs and such.

Darius Kadivar

Well at least he's got one thing in common with the Greeks ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on