Hostages in Syria: "Captured Iran Republican Guard Invaders"

Message to families


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nojan koochooloo!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Go Fix your hat!


What are Quds Force thugs doing in Syria? Are they tourists?

by Zendanian on

Are they there as pilgrims?

Or are they to kill and hurt Syrian people on behalf of Asad?

If if the correct answer is the last one, which is the correct answer, then how should they de dealt with.

Imagine a stranger coming to your house, killing your family menbers and worse. How would you react?

Give them candies and a kiss on the cheek? Or a kick on the fundament.

My question still is what the the heck are they doing in there to begin with. Once they get to act as thugs of Quds Force in a foriegn country, THEY SEDERVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO THEM. Good riddance.



thanks god you are not in power in Iran

by nojanthegreat on

 @ Roozbeh Gilani

Try them fairly ? on what ground and with what authority ? Who are this people who take Iranians hostage ? Are they elected by majority of Syrian ? Is there any constitution in place ? Were there any lawyer provided to the hostages and who is going to be seated as a judge ? Where are the evidence of murdering females or small children? Or we just guessing as usual and spreading lies and agendas ?

“Then execute the verdicts with speed and post it on internet” a revolutionary court ? Is that what you are asking for ? Interesting !! You have been fighting IRI because of its lawless court ( alleged) or revolutionary court, but you ask for the same thing here that you have a upper hand ? What is the guaranty that if you and your colleagues known as comrades came to power in Iran , you would not start killing people the same way that the iri used to do in 1980s ? I guess the only missing part for you is the power which I hope no one in Iran give it to you or people who think like you , no more. We are tired of speedy trials and revolutionary verdict.

Are you asking this terrorist to kill Iranian citizens and post it on you tube, no shame ? No sense of patriotism or humanity ? At this moment they are innocent until proven guilty , but you like to see them beheaded on you tube just because you disagree with Iranian government ? Thanks god you are not in power in Iran . You are more dangerous than IRI .



by yolanda on

1st, IRI said they are innocent pilgrims.

2ndly, IRI said they are retired IRGC members.

3rdly, IRI said these guys are providing "tactical" assistance to Assad.

what is the latest?


A message to our Syrian brothers and sisters:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Try these mercenaries of the shiat mullah regime, fairly,  for the crimes of murder of innocent, unarmed syrian women and children. Then execute the verdicts with speed and post it on internet to be a warning to the ones who are still hiding in Iran, as to what is going to be their certain fate, unless they repent  and give up their criminal activities now before too late....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


ترجمه فارسی!



"بعله ما فکر کردیم که سوریه هم مثل ایرونه  که با چوب و چماق بیفتیم به جون یک مشت آدم بی دفاع و بعدش هم بفرستیمشون به کهریزک.

نه آقا اینجا از این خبرها نیست. گرفتنمونو بدجوری ترتیب مونو دادن.

این ماتحت دیگه ماتحت بشو نیست!

جون پدر و مادرتون به داد ما برسین!"


A distraction from Reality, the syrian conflict is part of below

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


I thought

by MRX on

they were innocent pilgrims! guess the truth comes out sooner or later.