Golshifteh Farahani in "Just Like a Woman"

Directed by Rachid Bouchareb

The story finds a Chicago housewife (Miller) who leaves her mundane life behind to flee with her belly-dancing teacher (Golshifteh Farahani) to a Las Vegas dance competition. But this is not some tawdry flick , but something that explores honesty and emotion with a sure touch.


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گلشیفته فرهیخته!



پیرامونش میگردم!


!You are just jealous




by Demo on

Not here to debate. Her past movies performances speak for themselves. Very weak by the either American or the French actings standards & very questionable by the different Iranians' points of views.

Belly dancing was mentioned as an alternative profession for her. Nothing wrong with a professional belly dancer. She can't even act right as one. As simple as that.



by Truthseeker9 on

You seem so extreme in your views that I wonder if it's worth debating this with you. Where are your Facts when you say she isn't a quality actress? It's obvious that you don't approve of her because she doesn't conform to your values, but that is just your opinion. Your perception of what a quality actress is might be different to others.

BTW she doesn't have to be a good belly dancer, she is playing the ROLE of a belly dancer. And if say, she decides to play a prostitute (like Julia Roberts) or a "loose woman" in a film (as Jodie Foster), it doesn't diminish her as a person or actress. She is doing a job, acting.


Failing to See the Link?

by Demo on

Don't have to find any link. Just check out the facts. She is neither a quality actress nor a good belly dancer. And as the dirty as the movie business is most newcomers of foreign nationals like her end up in porno movies for the sake of getting paid much more. It is only a matter of time. Hoping it will not happen to her, though.

PS: Akhoond never moves from A to B or to any other alphabets. He just stays @ 'A' forever. That is why he is called 'A-Khoond,' not 'B-Khoond' & not 'C-Khoond!' 


I'm failing to see the link

by Truthseeker9 on

I'm failing to see the link to porn here - are we saying belly dancers are one step away from sex workers?



by hirre on

Mullahs reason the same, A leads to B, B to C, C to D... Therefore we must enforce hijab and shit...


V R More 'On' & Not 'Off'

by Demo on

No doubt that any Khod-Shifteh's business is his/her own business. But in terms of her acting she is of no good & she is too dumb and extremely naive per 'Thought' below to think that she will ever be taken seriously by any good movie producer. The way she is going soon will be in porno movies. So what is that got to do with the 'islamic mind' per the more-off & the pro 'free-dumb' comment below?  


2 posters before me

by nozarmahallati on

Whatever Golshifteh Farahani wants to do is her business.  She is a very beautiful, smart and talented young Iranian woman whom is known worldwide to a lot of people; which a lot more than what can be said about the 2 of you who are annonymous blogers on IDC.  'Nuf said on that issue. 

There is this concept which Islamic minded folk like you don't seem to understand; it's called freedom.


what's next porn?

by Thought on

she should be careful since she seems too naive.


Just Like a Lost!

by Demo on

Two thuumbs down, way down. It is very hard for a lost soul, like Golshifteh, to accept the sad fact that she is not a good actress & that she is being used as a sex object in junk movies like this one. Very sad, indeed.