Faith in Iran

Documentary by Alicia Cattoni

This historic journey captures Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, as she becomes the first woman Rabbi to visit Iran and the first Rabbi to travel there since the 1979 Revolution. She leads an interfaith group of Americans working as civilian peace diplomats. Traveling with Rabbi Gottlieb is Susan Mark Landis, a Peace Advocate for the Mennonite Church, USA. She learns the history of Persian Armenians and sees life inside their communities. Also arriving in Iran for the first time is, Suad Salise, an Iranian-American. She discovers what it means to be an Iranian and an American since the events of 9/11 >>>


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by amirkabear4u on

She is NOT the first rabbi in Iran, they been visiting Iran after the revolution in groups.



maziar 58

Part 4

by maziar 58 on

To me Personally her way of expressions of life in Iran and for Iranians ;Is an Insult To All Iranian females And maybe her kinds of Iranians are the roots of long existence of the Rapist Republic of Iran.