EU Iran sanctions 'ineffective'

Interview with Mohammad Marandi

New EU sanctions will not stop Iran from trading internationally, and will increase resentment and hostility towards Western powers, analyst Mohammad Marandi tells Al Jazeera.


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tehran e Azad

terrorist animal Marandi

by tehran e Azad on

I love how IRI including this moran spins the sanctions , for the longest time they were saying that the sanctions do not have ANY effect on Iran , now they are trying to change the public view on these snctions and say they are a crime against humanity!

IRI is being pinched and is being cornered from all sides. Yell and bark all you want  Mr.Marandi............IRI's end is near!!!


What a lying terrorist

by asadabad on

If the sanctions aren't having any effect, then why are you howling and crying like a dog every time new sanctions are applied??  Why did shia terrorists attack the British embassy if sanctions don't matter?


Mohamad Marandi: a US passport holding IRI lackey.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

He does not care about sanctions , because he is being fed with scraps of trillions of stolen petro dollars by khamenei and his malijak, ahmadinezhad. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


@ Marandi

by fullback on

what do you care ,The Islamist occupiers of Iran resent the WEST any way at least that is what they have been saying for 33 years , so what is your point?? and if the sanctions are ineffective then why is there a need for you to come and state it. you should be happy about it.


The rest of the world doesn't trade with you either

by divaneh on

The idiot says that Iran has to learn to trade with other countries but US and EU. With who exactly? No one trades with you and a few who do take full advantage of that. This guy really insults the viewers' intelligence.


Independent political analyst?

by aliash on

What I do not understand is why does Aljazeera insist on saying that this guy is an independent/academic political analyst.  Clearly he is the unofficial spokes person for the IR.  In either case this guy is simply delusional! US comprises 24.76% of the world’s GDP, EU 26.13%, Japan 11.09%, Canada 3.77, and S Korea 2.04%.  Adding all of these together, it would mean IR is not able to have an economic exchange with 67.79% of the world economy(2010 figures).  Plus due to the sanctions many companies that have a major stake in an economic activity with the US or EU will not risk their relationships for the IR.  So that really leave a number of very poor countries, with very poor products to have trade with.  To say this will not affect your economic outlook is simply a really big and smelly BS!    As a final thought the IR has only itself to blame for this, and quite frankly if they actually cared even remotely for their people of Iran they would not have taken this path. 

Anonymous Observer

Of course this IR Neanderthal says they're ineffective

by Anonymous Observer on

what else is he going to stand there and say, that they're in trouble?!! 


Yeah right!

by Fred on

Sanctions resulting in increasing resentment toward the sane world have been the catch word for the Islamist Rapists and their lobbies. Facts on the ground have proven them to be nothing but lies.

When the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic is overthrown by the Iranian people, and it will be sooner than many think, this Marandi guy & his daddy will have a lot to answer for.