Bahareh Amidi: Iranian American spiritual poet of light

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TED: Having grown up in the USA, Bahareh has travelled across the world and currently lives in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE). Her Eastern roots, Western upbringing and years spent living in the Middle East have given her unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of life, death, and relationships, and a universal appeal to her writing >>>


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Ashk Dovom

Elephants in the room - but not white elephants!

by Ashk Dovom on

You mean lots of 'elephants in the room' not 'white elephants in the room'? Elephants in the room are things people see but do not dare talk about, on the other hand 'white elephants' are useless or troublesome possessions. If you are teaching poetic medicine you should be able to tell the difference!



by Reza86 on