Ahmadinejad & Translator at UN

Saturday Night Live


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Dr. Mohandes

Noujan agha

by Dr. Mohandes on

Osama is dead my dear pal.

Perhaps y ou meant Obama? See what all the IRI supporting does to your mind?? worse than even it being on drugs!

 I heard they were serving cheesburgersabzi on that day and madam ambassador could not just miss that opportunity and i also heard that they saved the leftovers for mr. AN!

So How is life in the Great satan treating u these days?:)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

And what piece of s$t they'll have once his term is over ?

8 yrs of BS playing every time that go##o comes to New york.


Nader Vanaki

خیلی لوس بود

Nader Vanaki

سی ثانیه اش هم نتونستم تحمل کنم.  اگر نسیم پدراد یه خورده فارسی یاد همکارش میداد شاید برای قابل تحمل تر می بود.  کلاً خیلی خنک و بیمزه مثل تمامی کارهای اخیر روی این شو.


I think joke is on Osama ,

by nojanthegreat on

I think joke is on Osama , who pretend to be progressive and will act worst than Bush. They were all banking on AN to com to the UN and say something funny , or out of order , damn they were wrong. This year

BIBI stole the show ,with his speech and power point . The US ambassador to UN did also walk out of the speech to attend launch with Clinton and other foreign ministers.

They could not even do the walk out this time around. Except for US and Jewish state , all other state stay for his speech.


Thanks to AN and Bibi at the UN....

by Bavafa on

The comedians have ample material to pursue their career for a long time to come.Great job here.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



This was not funny at all

by Mehrban on

which is rare for SNL.



by hirre on

url doesn't work outside of US...