30 currency traders arrested

Iran fails to impose stronger rial rate, market frozen

Reuters: Iran's government was locked in a test of wills with currency dealers on Saturday as it tried unsuccessfully to impose a stronger rial exchange rate, after a plunge by the currency earlier in the week triggered street protests. Iranian news agencies reported that the government's new foreign exchange center, used by importers of some basic goods, was selling U.S. dollars at a rate of 25,970 rials. The state-linked news agencies, as well as Iranian currency-tracking website Mesghal, said the rial was trading in the free market at 28,500, much stronger than levels near 37,500 early in the week >>>


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"Resource not found" (?)

by Rea on

Can we have the Reuters link (for non-Farsi speakers) ?

Citing more or less the same figure, I was yesterday corrected by this link:


So, what's the figure ? 

PS. don't like being corrected by an IRI loving Croatian who gets his air-tickets regularly paid for by the IRI embassy in Croatia.


Nice job

by fullback on

Currency control by the use of  dastgeerie( arrest) and KOTTAKK  Beating)  Freedman,Smith, Kensyan  Economy  would be proud of you if you can pull it off. The Islamist Occupiers of Iran answer to everything is Arrest , Beating , and public Hanging.


Typical hezbollahi look

by Reality-Bites on

This Mr. Prosecutor will himself be the subject of prosecution one day, after the regime falls (provided he hasn't already legged it to somewhere in the West, where he and his buddies have stashed away Iranian people's money).


Love the mohr tattoo on his forehead

by Fesenjoon2 on