1980 Ghotbzadeh interview

Attempting to extradite the Shah from Panama


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low life

by MRX on

ghotbzadeh was a low life charlatan opportunist who saw an opportunity and acted on it (he might have been smart dude  or he might have had inside info from western inteligence services  that things were going to change in Iran) . of course after a while, the power got to him and he thought he could out smart mullah's (same mistake commi's did) and ended up paying for it with his life.


Dear nozarmahallati

by iamfine on

Please let me know where he and his dear friend Yazdi are buried and I will do the same - many thanks


I wish I knew where this SOB was buried

by nozarmahallati on

so I can visit and take a piss.

This character and Enrahim Yazdi will be regarded as SOBs in the annals of history. 


Ttrawetsdor: That was a

by vildemose on


trawetsdor: That was a great link. I did not know much about him. As I was reading the pdf file on Ghotbzadeh, I saw the similarties between him and our beloved Trita Parsi..

Excerpt from the link:


ميكرد تا حتي حق حرفزدن را از آنها بگيرد/

ايرانياش به نظر " كپيهاي بود نازل از احمد چلبي در عراق امروزي/ شخص اخير به مراتب چيزفهمتر از نمونمردم جديشان ميگيرند/ كاسبهاي زبلياند + ميرسد اما چنين اشخاصي نه از اعتماد اقليتِ مطلعتر برخوردارند و نه تود

كه بو ميكشند پول كجا خوابيده است و ميدانند با سياسيون و عوامل دولتهاي خارجي بايد چطور حرف زد كه خشنود

ح دست اول براي مافوقهايشان تهيه كنند/ قطبزاده شايد حتي خوشطينت بود اما, K شوند و بتوانند گزارشهاي بهاصط

انگليسيزبانها, مثل گاوِ جنگي كه در چينيفروشي وِل شده باشد, با هر حركتش چيزهايي از هر سو فرو " به گفت

ميريخت و خرد ميشد/

آن تميز دهد و برداشت شنونده را پيشاپيش " قالتاق بود اما چنان هوشمند نبود كه مفهوم نهايي حرف را از معني اولي

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


How we got where we are now, another piece

by trawetsdor on


A look at Ghotbzadeh:


From essay collection " The Story of AYANDEGAN: January -August 1979" by Mohammad Ghaed, Iranian journalist.


Plunder of Iran's natural resources

by onlyinamrica on

Always used by oposition as a reason to unite people so they can screw up themselves.

Btw, Sadegh was a retard. 


Ghotbzaadeh:An early victim of infighting within Islamist Mafia.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Imrisonment of rafsanjani's son, and "reformist leaders" of the "green movement" is nothing new. This corrupt entity, this stooge of Imperialsim and oil cartels, this fascist entity known as "Islamic Republic", right from it's begining has been nothing but a loose alianace  of bands of thieves and murderers  who have for the past 34 years been allowed to kill , rape, torture and plunder Iranians and iran's natural resources, in return for their services to Oil cartels and Internaional Imperialism. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."