From Tehran To London

Directd by Mania Akbari

From Tehran to London: Mania Akbari starts shooting a film titled Women Do Not Have Breasts. It is a story about a couple by the name of Ava and Ashkan who live in a beautiful house located in the outskirts of the city with their caretaker couple, Maryam and Rahim. Ava is a poet and a writer, and Ashkan is a man from an upper class and bourgeois background. Unpredictable events happen that effect their relationship. Mania makes the film up to this point, until a few filmmakers are arrested in Iran. Mania leaves Iran and decides to finish her film in London due to the barred atmosphere of filmmaking in Iran. She changes the title of her film to From Tehran to London (2012).


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From Trash to Litter!

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