Ruhi Darakhshani: "The Lost Bride"

A novel

Publisher's note on "The Lost Bride": Hundred fifty years ago, in one of the richest family in England, there was wedding party in the very big garden. The bride hid herself somewhere and the groom couldn't find her. All the guests were looking for the the bride too. The garden was big and the trees were huge. There was no electricity and the garden provokes horror in the evening. They searched but they couldn't find her >>>


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LOL, Jason

by Souri on

You are too funny.

I do a lot of mistakes by "inattentiion" and this is really a great fault.

Thanks for correcting me.


Souri jan

by jasonrobardas on

.... apparently you are not one of them..

The correct form  would be "many people do....."

   The lady in the video is making grammatical mistakes in the language she is using.......How can she write a book that requires so much more languge proficiency ????.... 


The link doesn't work, please fix it

by Souri on


Many people  does write and read English better than they can speak it.

This is very common. No surprise.


For heaven'sake

by jasonrobardas on

How did this lady write a novel? No offense but her english seems to be quite poor !   Unless she came up with the plot and someone else wrote it for her return for $$$......Who knows ?