Press TV car bombed in Damascus

“After a man was caught on camera sticking something to a car.”

New York Times: Iran’s state-owned satellite channel Press TV reports that a bomb destroyed six vehicles, including a satellite news truck near the broadcaster’s office in Damascus early on Friday. Video posted on a YouTube account associated with Hussein Mortada, a Lebanese supporter of the Syrian government who directs coverage of Syria for Press TV and the Iranian government’s Arabic-language satellite channel, Al Alam, was said to capture the blast. The surveillance-camera video is quite dark but, according to Press TV, the bombing took place just “after a man was caught on camera sticking something to a car.” >>>

IRI news report:


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Agree with FDOML and Disagree with Abamard

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Being Anti IRI is not equal to being anti- islam anti-muslim or anti-Iranian, take time and just look at my posts, I don't think I have left a hair standing on the head of either the USA or IRI in repeatedly hammering at their criminal heads.  So saying ic holds a bias its not true in my case, I have had it with east and west here in ic.  Neither The USA nor the IRI show themselves to be on the side of law or humanity, so the US creation of IRI is not about to get sympathy after its crimes on Sattar and so many others, Iranian politics even for the moderates has tragically become uncomfortably raw and very personal, and it won't disappear until the IRI is completely destroyed as it can not be reformed.

At this point it appears there is evidence of the IRI helping Assad on the ground, if its true and these Basiji's are there, I am going to puke, not that I agree with the west bringing extremism to syria, just a sickness at how worthless human life has become among world leaders and how truly unaccountable they are.  How did we allow this to happen?????Oh wait I know the answer to that, its called divide and rule.  Why do we continue to allow this to happen and stop taking sides, all groups that do this must be held accountable?????


عضو ارشد ائتلاف


عضو ارشد ائتلاف مخالفین سوریه: هر ایرانی که در سوریه ببینیم، می‌کشیم! در حالی که دامنه فعالیت و اقدامات گروه‌های مسلح مخالف دولت در سوریه افزایش یافته ـ به طور خاص‌ ـ ایرانیان حاضر در این کشور را هدف قرار گرفته است. یکی از چهره‌های مطرح ائتلاف مخالفین، آشکارا انجام اقدامات ترویستی علیه شهروندان ایرانی در سوریه را تأیید کرده است

Anonymous Observer

Karma is a bitch

by Anonymous Observer on

The Islamic Republic has assassinated many of its opponents in various nations.  Now, their tactic is coming back to haunt them.  Like RG said, it's too bad that none of IR's spies and terrorist, who reside in various countries under the guise of "press" or "diplomats" were in those cars.  Some of the victims of IR's terrorism, like those at the Mikonoos Restaurant--which Abarmard has strangely never spoken about, despite his passion for human rights, were not so lucky.


IRI stuck in a quagmire

by firstdayofmylife on


Syria is indeed in chaos. But it is most problematic for Iran, the Assad regime's primary and perhaps only sponsor. Tehran faces multiple problems in Syria. It is propping up a regime that is in slow-motion decay, it is suffering the political embarrassment of supporting a cruel dictator in an Arab world that is moving away from such regimes, and it is bleeding cash to keep Syria afloat. From a brutally realpolitik perspective, a Syria that is bleeding and unsettled keeps Iran stuck in its own quagmire


Back to the attack on PressTV offices

by Reality-Bites on

I hope one day all those associated with official mouthpieces of the Islamic Republic, namely PressTV and its Arabic equivalent Arab channel Al Alam, are held to account for their justification of this vile regime and its friends in the region.

However, I do not support the bombing the bombing and assassinations of journalists (if you could call them that) and their offices. Of course, if these so called journalists/reporters and their bosses are actively engaged in helping the IR and friends in their brutal repression, that might be a different matter. But just because we don't like what they say and know much of it to be shameless lies in support of the IR, is no reason to kill them for it.


"the user would have been kicked out of this site."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I feel your pain "abarmard", and can think of a few remedies to soothe it at the precise spot, but shall refrain from suggesting in respect to site rules and common decency, which are obviously beyond the reach of your intellectual grasp.

Otherwise, here, unlike your beloved Islamist Republic, "Nothing is sared"

Now , "pa bezan" :)  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


آره ابرمرد پسر خوب!




اصلا ناراحت نشو و لب ور نچین، من خودم همشونو دعوا میکنم.

برای تو هم چند تا مداد رنگی و قاقا لیلی میخرم. آره پسر خوب! اون ویلدموز شیطون رو هم خودم یک وشگون محکم میگیرم!  

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Faramarz that is an accurate statement actually

by Soosan Khanoom on

but it then should apply to all the parties involved in thsi world or to none...

That is why we have to discuss issues like humans rather than call names and threat each other like wild beasts! 

By, we,  i mean those of us who are coming on this site to hang out and talk politics !! 

Please join me in my campagin against Bullies ! 

You have to be brave and do not mind to have keybaord being thrown at you ..  you have to take it like a human ! be proud !

ok,  now,  I am obvioulsy spending too much time in  this lillte corner of universe call IC ... 

Heading out for a bike ride .. need a break anyway !  ... but will be back to offer bondage and mer-ko-koroom to the injured ones...  lol 

Stay away from FDOML... she is not really a Virgin ! 





Look at the cheerleaders of

by firstdayofmylife on

Look at the cheerleaders of PressTv: as predicted they come running to rescue..



One man's terrorist is another man's employer!

by Demo on

That was how the terrorist kingpin 'Mosad' came into in existence & got an ever epmloyment!

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Abarmard,

by Soosan Khanoom on

The problem is not the ideology that they have or express here but the bully like behavior they have towards anyone on site who happens to disagree with their points of view.  I have noticed that whenever other voices such as you post a comment here , these people waste no time to show up on their camel or motor with their chomags ...

Shaboon Beemokh is a saint compare to people like Vildemose whom by the way is currently banned but her/his ghost keeps resurfacing on this site like a Virgin ... lol  .....   this time she/ he is pretending that this is her first time ...  or his first day of life ....  whatever !

Please ignore her/ him ..  and please stop by more often to comment.  This site is becoming very boring with only one dominating view ... They only carry " Fox news channel these days !! While blowing up any other alternatives and of course all in the name of democracy !!   

I guess that's what they did to Nilfar Parsi too ... they blew up her car while reporting !

Ahhh .... these freedom fighters are soooooo damn good in defending the freedom of speech .....



One man's terrorist is another man's employer!

by Faramarz on


or news reporter!


Mercenaries of terrorist

by firstdayofmylife on

Mercenaries of terrorist Islamic republic on this site have been given a public forum and were in the majority before 2009 brief civil war that exposed their regime for the world to see. Now, those mercenaries are back and want their status to be restored as 'legitimate' Iranians again. Pitting Iranian jews against all other Iranians has been the hallmark of radical militant cyber basiji of Islamic repbulic dipatched by Basij intelligenisia; however, their ploy has backfired and made other non-jewish Iranians to stand up against anti-semitism that is constantly promoted on IC on a daily basis.

Being anti IRI does not mean being anti-Islam. Those who equate Islam with IRI are highly vested in preserving the murderous regime and could not care less about Iran or Iranians or Islam for that matter.


to Admin

by Abarmard on

seems like simple comments that supports terrorism, anti humane content, racist, anti religious comments, pro murdering comments are all forbidden on this site unless they are in regard to Iranians and their lives or religion. many users can lose their login privileges if they write a comment that may suggest anti Israeli or anti Jewish contents for example, and rightly so. However the same standards do not apply for Iranians or Muslims.
In this site you can be racist against Muslims and say the nastiest words freely. Similar to an Aryan race media where you can say anything about blacks but will get kicked out if you criticize whites, in here those standards apply to Israel vs. Iran. My prediction as a former contributor is that the truth about will force most of genuine pro Iranians out for good and this site will fail to keep its audience other than a few extremists of Jewish faith or Israelis that most common readers know well in this site.
It is just pure sick and disgusting to have the below comment that promotes murder and terror as a regular member of this so called I am certain that if this comment was pro hezbollah bombing for attempting to kill an Israel or a Jewish faith individual (to be clear here) the user would have been kicked out of this site.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

It appears that no press TV employee (aka paid mercenaries of the islamist rgime, most probably  responsible in some way for the murder of defenceless syrian women and children....) were in any of those vehicles. What a waste of explosives indeed....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."