Opposition Meeting Ends

Mohsen Sazegara on current affairs



I was thinking the same. to

by Kingreza3 on

I was thinking the same. to answer your question i do start watching him then get distracted by all the hand movement. My question is how many of the opposition group signed up to fly with that dude to tehran to librate iran (any one remember that dumbass?).. Its funny how iran labor laws are very hard on employer and pro employee and this guy list all the cuts. They all sound like bunch of hungry "lash khor" flopping thier wings cause they smelled blood. The ironi is a fraction of them would actually move back unless they are offered a position that doesnt require much work and thier wives can brag about. At least reza pahlavi has the honesty to say that out loud. And second question is how many of them are US citizen? And finally i am not worried about them ever having any impact, as their stupidity and ignorance would prevent them to form any coalition that has any saying in anything. Isnt that why they all hate NIAC and parsi. If there is a gene for hypocracy, iranian all have it


Cricket's site!

by Demo on

Is anybody really listening to his reports? Hearing a cricket's sound? And whatever happened to all those greenish decorations around him? Never mind!