Obama on talks with Iran

Won't let 'diplomatic niceties' stop talks

Los Angeles Times: President Obama pledged to try through any means possible to engage Iran in negotiations over its disputed nuclear program, saying he wouldn’t be “constrained by diplomatic niceties and protocols.” Obama, appearing at his first White House news conference since winning reelection last week, said reports that the United States and Iran have agreed to one-on-one talks are false, but said he intends to try again to open a dialogue between Iran and the six world powers that have tried to negotiate an end to the stand-off >>>


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We Are Going to Help IRI get Hundreds of Nuclear weapons

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

not "a Nuclear Weapon"- Obama


Fact-based vs Wishfull thinking

by firstdayofmylife on

The US-Iran issue is irrevocably tied to a strategic view of the M.E. No amount of rhetoric or wishful thinking will change that.President Obama's view of what a "diplomatic solution" means will remain unacceptable to Iran's political elite for as long as they remain in power. The Iranian political establishment is under no illusion and fully understands the President's "diplomatic solution".

Unfortunately, US and Iran are already engaged in a "shadow war" - this is not new and is likely to intensify.

 Gareth Porter: The US has rebuffed several attempts by Iran to negotiate a resolution to the standoff, Obama appears committed to harsh sanctions.



As long as rats like Bibi

by AshkanM on

As long as rats like Bibi and his kinds pressure and influence Obama's decisions, yes, it will be hard. but still possible. It depend on Obama and his will for peace and saving lives despite what he continues to do in other countries.


Absent a profound

by firstdayofmylife on


Absent a profound strategic realignment by the US in the Middle East, the chances of any solution to the US-Iran conflict remain practically non-existent.


O]n Iran, are you preparing a final diplomatic push here to resolve the -- the nuclear program issue? And are we headed toward one-on-one talks?

[...] With respect to Iran, I very much want to see a diplomatic resolution to the problem. I was very clear before the campaign, I was clear during the campaign and I'm now clear after the campaign -- we're not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon. But I think there is still a window of time for us to resolve this diplomatically. We've imposed the toughest sanctions in history. It is having an impact on Iran's economy.

There should be a way in which they can enjoy peaceful nuclear power while still meeting their international obligations and providing clear assurances to the international community that they're not pursuing a nuclear weapon. And so yes, I will try to make a push in the coming months to see if we can open up a dialogue between Iran and not just us but the international community, to see if we can get this thing resolved. I can't promise that Iran will walk through the door that they need to walk though, but that would be very much the preferable option."

Obama is under no illusion that VF will not 'walk the walk' or 'get through the door' because it would be the end of IRI.

Read more: //www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tehranbureau/2012/11/briefing-obama-will-make-a-push-for-dialogue-with-iran-on-nuclear-program.html#ixzz2CJk6hEV9


What's with stupid links?

by AshkanM on

What's with stupid links? Are you trying to act like DK? You know you can't take his spot on IC !

He is the man...........and.............and.............


This is Obama's Reply

by Faramarz on



That's how Obama should reply to Regime's recent overtures (desperate attempts) to have a meeting over nuclear issue.

Sorry if I confused you.


I thought you are his

by AshkanM on

I thought you are his cheerleader.

He does talk a lot, but the way you are screaming, it looks like he is doing more than talk to you!!!


All You Do to Me is Talk Talk!

by Faramarz on


"If every sign that I see is complete
Then I'm a fool in your game
And all you want to do is tell me your lies
Won't show the other side
You're just wasting my time

All you do to me is talk talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk
All you do to me is talk talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk
All you do to me is talk talk"



Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

Do whatever it takes to prevent the war the Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all are trying to impose on all and also prevent them from getting the bomb.


In the meantime help Iranian people with logistical needs including communication equipment and untraceable internet connection.

Don’t forget to airtight the sanctions and include air/naval quarantine.

BTW, don't do the "grand bargain" which a certain oily  lobby and its lifetime president is pushing for.