Iran showcases new warship

Near strategic waters

AP: Iran's state TV is showcasing additions to its Navy including a missile-launching warship around the size of a frigate. Navy officials watched as the domestically-produced Sina-7, equipped with anti-ship missiles, was launched Wednesday at Bandar Abbas, near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. Two new Iranian-built Ghadir submarines and two repaired hovercrafts were also delivered to the Navy >>>


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Anonymous Observer

North Korean midget subs and British hovercrafts and ships

by Anonymous Observer on

The subs are North Korean midget subs and the hovercrafts are repaired old British ones, complete with a new paint job.  The new "destroyer," (actually a frigate) is a Vosper Class 1960's British design.  It's either one of the old ones that was hit in Operation Praying Mantis or a reverse engineered copy of one, which means that the IR is incapable of producing anything original.  It just has to copy Evil West's half century old designs.   


راه زیر دریایی راه حسین است!




On to Karbala and the mother of all sea battles!

The little sub has no torpedoes or weapons and as the guy said is used for intelligence gathering.

A couple of guys in scuba gear could do the same thing!