Iran importing gold from Turkey

To evade economic sanctions

CNN: Over the last six months, Iran has evaded U.S. sanctions by importing Turkish gold to pay for billions of dollars worth of energy sales to Turkey. Turkey's deputy prime minister has described what amounts to a gold-for-oil barter system. "Why did, all of the sudden, Turkey's gold exports, especially gold bullion, go up?" Ali Babacan asked while speaking before a parliamentary budget commission this month. The official transcript of his statements was published by a Turkish government website Wednesday >>>


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Is this ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Part of Agha Mojtaba's Gold that was ceased in Turkey in 2009, given back at a price?  Remember?  Does the number 18,000,000,000 ring a $ bell?  Just wondering.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Recession:   Seemingly

by firstdayofmylife on



Seemingly uncoordinated government interventions, coupled with the existing international sanctions and the threats of even stricter ones, have created a new economic environment in Iran. This week, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) released its latest data on foreign trade and government accounts. The CBI reports that Iranian oil exports are down by 40 percent compared to last year -- set off, but only marginally, by a 12 percent rise in other exports. (Other sources state that oil exports are down as much as 50 percent.) Of particular note, Iran is increasingly importing natural gas and petroleum products -- such imports this spring were 101 percent higher than during the comparable period last year. The CBI report also reveals that Iranian government debt to the banking sector has increased by 54 percent.

In an editorial published Wednesday by the Tejarat News website, economist Mohammad Mehdi Behkish warns that the Iranian economy may be on the verge of falling into a deep recession -- a word heard often these days around Tehran. After reviewing the political decisions made by the government that affect Iran's standing in the international arena, he concludes, "The economic consequences of these actions were neither calculated nor taken into account." He asks government officials and members of the business community to come together and devise a strategy to avoid sweeping economic reversals that could last a decade.

To Ali Reza, Behkish's dire observations constitute not a warning but an acknowledgement. "The recession is here! Are they kidding?" He continues, angrily, "The factories have been shutting down for some time now, unemployment is higher than ever."

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Turkey is a member of Nato, recipient of patriot missiles etc

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and would not be allowed to trade with Iran if the other nato Countries were opposed to this, they are not.  The Nato Countries helped bring the IRI to power, they love extremism for Iran and others in the North Africa/Middle east region and which to keep extremism in Power at all costs, depite their words on the surface, their end result and overall action uncover their true un-announced agenda.  Read about the wests mission accomplished here //



Gold-plated Fiscal Cliff!

by Faramarz on



Wait till the next round of sanctions go into effect. Free oil and gas will flow to Turkey

نفت و گاز نسیه!