Cyrus Habib:‌ First Iranian American elected into US state legislature

Washington State

NIAC: Cyrus Habib made history this past Tuesday when he became the first Iranian American to be elected into state legislature. Representing the Democratic Party for Washington State’s 48th District, Habib was elected on a platform that champions, among other issues, the affordability and accessibility of higher education.

Blind since the age of eight, and having survived three bouts with cancer, Habib’s election is only his most recent victory in a long line of battles he has fought. In talking about his experience while running for office, Habib has encouraged and expressed his support for other Iranian Americans to engage in active civic involvement.

NIAC congratulates Habib on his remarkable achievement and celebrates this milestone for the greater Iranian-American community >>>


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iraj khan

Good news

by iraj khan on

Congratulation to Mr Habib and all Iranian Americans. We wish him success in Washington State Legislature.

Nader Vanaki

زنده باد

Nader Vanaki

و موفق باشه.


Well deserved

by Arash123 on

Very well deserved congratulations for all his achievements.