American Visits Beheshte Zahra

Reality of what we mean when we talk about fighting with Iran

Garin Etch: I visited a cemetery outside of Tehran, Iran. All of our conflicts take place overseas so we rarely see the aftermath of war, but seeing the graves of so many Iranian boys really drove home the reality of what we mean when we talk about fighting with Iran. See more videos and photos at


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Iranian Online Cemetery

by Reza86 on


Thoughtful video, the people of iran are slowly admitting to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

themselves the IRI and mullahs don't give a damn about them and do not have the possibility to change themselves.  The 1979 revolution was a mistake if the people believe they were capable of creating a democracy with so many ill and intolerant people and no institutions developed.  The process takes time and needs a team that can create people and love the people of Iran, who will improve their standards and freedom. 

The next problem is that the USA, EU who struggled day and night for 30 years against the late shah and his entire teams efforts towards progress for Iranians, a west who used to be able to deceive most Iranians that they care for them, finally did openly what they had been doing in secrecy, thwarting iranians, in helping khomeini and helping to keep the IRI in power and now that the west has openly shown their hand, by thwarting north africa and the middle east as well as iranians so openly for so long, they have nothing to lose and so their visible crimes can only increase with time from supporting mek to supporting other forms of extremism. 

So the calls for democracy while impossible to achieve today/ far less possible than it used to be in 1979 when the attempt failed visibly will again openly increase from the west, so they can achieve their goals, not because a democracy can come about or they care about iranians human rights or freedom.  Remember, the USA/UK/France/Germany and their so called free media were the ones that lied and misrepresented the guys wearing the white hats, the lawful and progressive team in particular SAVAK, who were giving their lives on the front lines to enforce the law, improving human rights and freedom for all law abiding iranians. 


Shame, & Shame on

by Azarbanoo on

Bastard akhounds who created this war to save their own on power.  They are murderers of all these Iranian youth.  Theses bastard Islamist akhounds are enemies of IRAN & IRANIANS and they have been killing Iranians daily to keep themselves in Power.  I hope when they are gone to hell Iranians send them to the Arabia where they originate and pride themselves with their culture. 

Down with IRR/IRI and their Thugs.