Agha Mostafa: Homeless Iranian American

Los Angeles


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by Fatollah on

exactly! my point! thank you!


Tirez pas sur l'ambulance !*

by Shemirani on

Feeling sad for him ! Yek Irooni dar L.A payda nemishe ye jah barash peyda kone o ye kar ? Irooniayi ke enghadr az Khoda doosti harf moft mizanand moghye amal na bakhshandeand na mehraban !

*don't pour water on a drowing man


How dare he be homeless!

by Fesenjoon2 on

We people of Iran are the most successful minority of America! Scientific fact!

He should be ashamed of being poor! Martikeh ahmagh! 

He should be excommunicated from being Persian by being condemned to shave all his pashm!

Ali P.

Jenabeh All-Iranians

by Ali P. on

البته منظورجساراتا  شما، بنده، بانو سوری، و امثالهم نبود.


علی پی


Well said Ali P.

by All-Iranians on

Thanks Jenab-e Ali P.

Ali P.

Dear Souri

by Ali P. on

There are quite a few mentally ill, even among the contributors here, on IC.


Where did my comment go???

by Demo on

"There are a few of them living in the Westwood area forever. They are mostly mentally ill"

Why is it that a poor homeless man can be stamped by an ignorant below, with his/her usual bad-mouthing others, as a mentally ill & the super rich of any 'faith' in general can't?

To Admin: Reinstate my comment then please if IC is not taking side with the $$$!   


de mo ni c: this is

by vildemose on

de mo ni c: this is another lie. There are mixes of Jewish and muslim businesses in the main strip of Westwood where all the cholokababis are. These businesses have co-existed and cooperated beautifully as one for over 30 years. I was there and watched the area grow as a student at UCLA in that area.  I witnessed its expansion and growth with my own eyes as businesses both jewish and muslim came together and had the first Persian new year billboards all over Westwood area in Persian greetin each other....

The entire real estate (cosnisting of a few blocks) of that area belongs to a very Rich Iranian muslim woman who is married to Japanese guy. 

Please take your de mo n i c accusations some place else.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Thanks vildemose jon and Amriparvis

by Souri on

I didn't know that.


souri jon: being

by vildemose on

souri jon: being articulate does not necessarily mean you don't have a mental illness. Some have very high IQ. Mental illness does not mean mental retardation. please google. 

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Souri dear

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

FYI, You can not tell mentally ill from how a person speaks or what a person shows, unless you live with them for awhile and can observe some symptoms like insomnia, rumination etc.  If only one could tell by looking at a person or watching them, what the actual state of the individuals mental and emotional functions were, so many more could be diagnosed and helped, it just is not the case in practice.  Unfortunate guy 18 years, still no help or care, what freedom, what justice, what a stench.  On mentally ill/in mental decline, these are subjects that are more appropriate when discussing the governments occupying Iran, Israel and the USA today.


"They are mostly mentally ill....."

by Souri on

But this guy doesn't seem to be mentally (or physically) ill.

Indeed, he speaks very well and shows that he is still  sane and normal.


Life is a thin red line ...

by Fatollah on

آره  والله، این بی شرف ولگرد پاک آبروی ما و مملکتمون و برده


 There are few of them

by vildemose on

 There are a few of them living in the Westwood area forever. They are mostly mentally ill. There are 4 or 5 Persian Restaurant next to each other in that area. They get their food from them.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


There are some organizations that can help

by Reza86 on



by Souri on

pas ghorour o sheraafat adam che misheh? sor o mor o gondeh, to khiaboon velgardi mikoneh, vaghean ke!