Actresses Abroad Face Dress Code

Enforcing hejab at international events

Businessweek: Iran plans to regulate the clothing of Iranian actresses traveling abroad to take part in cultural events, said Javad Shamaghdari, head of the country’s cinema organization. “There must be specific regulations,” Shamaghdari was quoted as saying yesterday by the official Islamic Republic News Agency. “There isn’t one now, and we are working on it.” Shamaghdari’s group is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, which oversees cultural and media activities in the country >>>


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Sheila K

hejab is a law of land in Iran not outside of Iran

by Sheila K on

how can they exercise Iran's law outside of Iran. that doesn't even make sense...never mind the concept of 34 years of forced hejab in Iran.


Attn: All Ignorant 'Mahallatis'

by Demo on

You could say anything you wish about 'Hejab,' 'Black Chador,' 'Misogynists,' 'Overseas Uniform,' & etc. to eternity but no single Iranian lady with a healthy mind including Leila Hatemi herself wants to go back to the most corrupt Shah's eras when Leila's mom, Zari Khoshkam, was playing in the movies like below:


Keep 'BS'ing.



Women in real dark chador mostly prostitutes

by nozarmahallati on

During the pre Islamic revolution (Aanghelaabe Eshaali) a great % of women who came out in dark and black chador were prostitutes.

Somethings never change 



by Fred on

The misogynistic Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, should come up with their overseas uniform for the Iranian actresses.